Why it doesn’t matter if white people once lived in caves

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In a system of white supremacy where people of color lose on a 24/7 schedule, wins are often manufactured. They have to be. “Manufactured” as in created from nothing or created with the materials around you. For example, Black people think Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill is a win but ignore the fact a slave owner will also share that bill with her. (On a sidenote: the new $20 bill is a microcosm of life; black faces in the front with the master in the back controlling everything.) Such so called wins are necessary, I think, to maintain a level of sanity and confidence building, similar to Negro spirituals during chattel slavery. Just observe how Cowboys fans are actually celebrating pre season wins.


A lot of Black people engage in this behavior. Subconscious happiness from seeing a homeless white man or “checking” a white man at a restaurant who accidentally bumps into you. Manufactured wins are just that – manufactured, unreal and stemming from nothing – and do nothing for Black empowerment or White supremacy.

In Freudian psychology, displacement is an unconscious defense mechanism when a person shifts his/her impulses from an unacceptable target to a more acceptable or less threatening target.

It doesn’t matter if white people once lived in caves, were incestuous and wasn’t aware of the art of bathing. NONE OF THAT MATTERS. But lets take a step back and say for 24 hours only, IT DOES MATTER.

Ok, from that argument, how is that those backwards people now DOMINATE the world? What does it say about the people who were Kings and Queens at the time that backwards, stinky, cave people could somehow dominate? How is that the holders of fancy linen, silk, diamonds, rice and were DOMINATED by cave people?

Neanderthal cave boy2

Were the cave people, after all, smarter than the colored people of the universe? Could it have been that they preferred to live in the Caucasus Mountains to get away from the majority colored population of the world?


Bragging about this stuff is a manufactured win. Not only does it not matter, it makes people of color, especially the ones who brag about royalty, LOOK REALLY BAD. You now look to THEM for toothpaste; you now look to THEM for baby milk; you now look to THEM to watch and educate your children; you now look to THEM to approve you for a car; you now look to THEM to grant your uncle mercy in the courthouse; everything you do involves THEM, hence the term WHITE SUPREMACY.

Stop bragging about something you didn’t contribute to and BUILD YOUR OWN. Then brag.

What are we to make of Dallas police dept’s reply to protestors demands?

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Apart from allegedly wrongly accussing Marc Hughes of the Dallas police shooting, not apologizing, tweeting his face to the world to receive death threats from racists, the Dallas Police Department has made blunders of itself, most recently announcing what can amount to a plea for folks to limit protests and civil demonstrations, effectively curtailing the first amendment.

If you know Chief Brown, you know he is full of shit. When people had legit grievances against the department, he said get out the streets and to join the Blue Wall.  Last night that department replied to NGAN’s list of demands for police reform. NGAN’s founder was arrested at City Hall after giving a press conference listing their demands.

I think I have the duty to clarify some of the replies to the demands and the policies therein. Demands are in bold, replies in italics.

  1. Abolish the 72 hour wait after an officer involved shooting.

Effective immediately, every officer will be provided the same legal rights as any other citizen who is the subject of a criminal investigation.

How amazingly tragic it is that police officers had to be killed and organizations had to protest year after year and individuals arrested and records ruined in order for them to believe police officers should be treated as any other citizen. This is great news though everyone including myself is waiting to see that policy on paper. Twitter screen shot

2.  Dallas Citizen’s Review Board with subpoena power

Any changes to the Citizen’s Review Board must be made through the City Council.

Some of the councilmen and women like C/m Thomas and c/w Young in the past supported this power but nothing has come to fruition yet.

  1. DFR respond to CIT calls with DPD

The Dallas Police Department and DFR are working on a new policy where they both will respond to CIT calls.

CIT is a Crisis Intervention Team that responds to mental disturbance calls. I previously wrote about the recommendations made to the county concerning the problems that come up when mental  health and Lew Sterrett cross, and how law enforcement agencies should respond to mental crises, and the new weapons like sponge guns.sponge

  1. “Deprioritize” enforcement in consumption of alcohol on the streets, possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct, criminal trespassing, littering, disturbing the peace, and spitting

The Dallas Police Department is sworn to enforce the law to protect citizens.

Lew Sterrett is having a problem keeping their daily jail population low, primarily because of the aforementioned criminal offenses, many which are a result of homelessness – the city’s everlasting thorn in its spine. While DPD can’t decide what to enforce, elected officials can control the state laws and city officials can decide the level of enforcement and punishment. As of now, both the county and city officials are pro drug war but are working on a homelessness solution, as evidenced by cottages in South Dallas and Deep Ellums borders and the newly formed city commission. Lastly, needless to say, this arrest rate has become a budget issue for the city. 

  1. End police department quotas, tickets, and arrests

The Dallas Police Department does not have, require, or suggest a quota for officers for tickets or arrests.


  1. Review the police department’s use of force policy

The Dallas Police Department continuously reviews the Use of Force Policy and will make a copy of the policy available to the Next Generation Action Network.

Suspected Race Soldiers and Bad Cops Andrew Hutchins and John Rodgers did not follow the UOF Policy before killing Jason Harrison, were not punished and are back on the streets, preying on the next victims. Bobby Bennet shooters were not punished either. More officers can be named but my position is that despite the department’s stance, individual officers consideration of UOF has a negative correlation with the amount of color in the individual’s skin.

  1. Review the police department’s community policing

The Dallas Police Department is nationally recognized as a progressive community policing organization. The department continuously reviews its community policing efforts and will make a copy of the programs available to the Next Generation Action Network.

Coffee with Cops and Hooping with Pastors is not progressive. McDonalds coffee and the Coon Ministry circuit is not progressive. I don’t think all of the involved parties are coons but people like Concord pastor Bryan Carter and Councilwoman Tiffini Young, for example, should think about the politics behind participating in such events. Providing comprehensive stats on officer involved shootings should be applauded. DPD’s handling of complaints should not.

  1. Require “racial bias” training

Dallas Police Department currently requires all officers to be instructed on Fair and Impartial Policing; Police Legitimacy and Procedural Justice.

If you are raised white, you are likely racist. If you are raised white in America, you are probably racist. If you are raised white in Texas, you are more probably racist. That is the harsh truth and a tough pill but racism is more harsh. So a racist white person with a gun  and a legal authority to kill, who has never been in a fight or had to deal with non white person spells disaster. District 7 candidate Hasani Burton  once suggested a system used in other parts of the county to weed out and better the racial bias of applicants before becoming officers. 

  1. Prohibit use of municipal/federal funds to purchase military equipment

The Dallas Police Department does not purchase military equipment. The department does purchase protective law enforcement equipment for police officers.

This is their attempt of labeling urine “rain.” The DPD can and has requested grants from the state for what regular people consider military equipment and he considers “protective law enforcement equipment.”

  1. City ordinance to require audio and video technology to be used by officers with a clear policy regarding its use

The Dallas Police Department has clear policies regarding the use of audio and video technology by officers. The City Council passes city ordinances.

The policies are clear so I do not think was a clear demand.

  1. Allow activists free access to body camera and car video and audio

The Dallas Police Department will release all body camera, car video, and audio in accordance with state law.

You are required to submit a request to see any media. Specifically, media as a part of an investigation won’t be released until the completion of the investigation, which then you will be allowed to submit a request. With that being said, NGAN, I am sure is concerned about the grand jury to which the District Attorney decides what evidence to include, cam footage being the primary evidence.

  1. All officers are bonded and insured by a 3rd party insurance company so the city is not liable for “rogue officers”

The City of Dallas is self-insured.

Currently, officers and race soldiers are not affected when a citizen is killed, and the city (read: you, the citizen) is left with the bill in the event the victims receive a cash settlement after winning a lawsuit.  In many cases, race soldiers, like the ones who killed Freddie Gray, get back pay after the investigation. I recommend to require a liability group insurance that operates similar to malpractice insurance.

  1. The prioritization of hiring minority officers

For the first time in its history, the Dallas Police Department is a majority minority police department.

  1. No one has been held accountable for not using their body cameras or dash cameras

The Dallas Police Department has disciplined 32 officers for violations of the camera policy.

“Discipline” can be a 5 day suspension for killing children. This demand was not worded well so they got to skirt out of the real issue. The problem is, and they know this, is that race soldiers/bad cops are not criminally held accountable for their actions.

I don’t know what to expect next. Great job to the activists and organizations like NGAN, Dallas Action, MAPB, Campaign Zero, ACLU Texas for leading the fight for police reform in the city. 

The powers that be are as pernicious as ever. As previously mentioned after the demonstration, Dominique Alexander was punished with old traffic warrants and sent to jail but is now on house arrest. Please donate to the support fund of NGAN’s founder Dominique Alexander by clicking here.

The blue ghost who killed Freddie Gray

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It felt like just yesterday Freddie Gray spine was broken in a police van. Every time a verdict comes out declaring a Race Soldier not guilty for killing us or a police officer for making a mistake, it feels as if not much time passes between the murder and now. The next month in April 2015 we discover video of a terrified Race Soldier Michael Slager shooting a fleeing Walter Scott who was 20 feet away, and 8 times. Sandra Bland was killed a little over a year ago, believe it or not. That is life for the average African-American, one long blurry movie of struggle after another.

Perhaps you can follow a legal blog or site for the charges and analysis of her prosecution, like whether the charges were proper and could stick or if she moved too quickly.  I am only writing this to further the discussion around Black Faces in High Places.



Even white people know…

After Freddie Gray was “discovered dead,”  someone descended from the heavens, a god-like creature that might have well been sporting the above shirt. It was a black woman but not just any black woman. A fierce black woman, I recall many saying – and a Delta to match! –  to finally give us what we have longed: justice. Marilyn Mosby and her husband and city councilman Nick Mosby were featured on different “black media” (I use that term lightly) outlets as a power couple and videos of them dancing and family photos melted the hearts of many. How they are a power couple, we are told, is because they are in public service. She is a Delta and he an Omega, hence the fierceness. She is attractive, also, which added to her magnetism and likeability. In all, Mosby won Black America.

Winning Black America, a segment of society relegated to the loser category, isn’t a tough task. Black America has THOTish ways, in that it requires little attention before trust is gained, only to be later screwed. It is the THOT who actually thinks what they have going on is real. You can be fierce like Mosby, soft like Obama, play like Bill Clinton and dance like his wife, and most recently, just wear a red jacket like Marcia Fudge, the new DNC chairwoman, and win over Black America. Black America’s Happy Hoop is a 6 feet tall basketball goal. I hope you get the point now.

She had won Black America but Black America had not yet won. Never letting a loss get in the way of happiness, Black America had already celebrated. Damn the verdict. “She’s Black!,” I was informed by someone.

Mosby came out fierce, indeed, I recall, and the heat was on, as the racists and law enforcement community together wanted her to step down. Mosby’s image remained stern, giving us hope, but not fierce enough to not scare her haters, who was hell-bent on telling us that the laws of motion didn’t apply to Gray. Like Eric Garner who choked himself out, the white supremacists don’t care about making sense; it is your word against theirs and YOU don’t have the muscle to back up your word.

One behavior that is dangerous and should cease as of today is the celebration of Black Faces in High Places (BFHP). BFHP is a proven formula from coast to coast. BFHP is ideal because it is visually deceptive by placing black faces in public positions. Nothing is more pleasing than the thought of Lady Justice being Black, or a President, Attorney General, Mayor, council man and woman being Black. Baltimore had a black mayor, police chief, judge and three of the suspects were black. BFHP is on the flip side is a major let down. It is a cruel joke played by the white supremacist who are aware of the limits. We satisfied the voting-apologist and Black bourgeois requirements by electing BFHP. Go and ask those “shut up and vote” people what is the next step if black politicians can’t secure anything for us.


Depending on your expectations, today was a let-down. Six killers are back on the streets. Mosby couldn’t prosecute even one of the six. Maybe she never had a chance in the first place, being that we are, after all, in a system of white supremacy which overrides any other system we supposedly operate under – democracy, republic, capitalism, etc. A charge would have been a blow to white supremacy. At the end of the day, law enforcement IS the State, and Gray is just an expendable citizen.

Who killed Freddie Gray? The coroner ruled it a homicide, citing his injuries mirror that of deliberate slamming. We could say a ghost but that would be disrespectful to ghosts, who serve a useful purpose in our society. The Blue Wall of Silence killed him. All of the so-called good cops who stand behind and help construct that wall killed him.

Let us use this as a lesson: Black people are not qualified to celebrate anything because of the lack of work and focus we’ve put on the problems. Watch this video (HERE) for a better understanding.

Lights, camera, action and bullshit from elected officials after Dallas shootings

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Just wait a damn minute…

Now that police officers, and ostensibly some white people, feel like a normal black person (targeted and at danger every living moment), everyone is a leader and wants to do something about community relations with police. Not police brutality (absolutely not!) but community relations. Does Coffee with Cops  qualify as relations?

With a bowtie to match, Dallas was presented with the perfect gift to address what is called “community relations” with police. Unfortunately, a man had to die as a result but sometimes a sacrifice is required to spur change. Antoinette Brown, for example, had to be sacrificed before the City “addressed” the stray dog issue. We hope such sacrifices aren’t in vain.

What happened in June 2014 when  Dallas the World Class City responded to their first shooting on police body cam? How did Fearless Leader #DavidBrownforPresident react?

Jason Harrison was killed on camera in front of this grandmother by two race-soldiers posing as police officers. Harrison ran into the wrong two guys that day because he has been transported to the hospital several occasions before by actual police officers. That day, he was holding a screwdriver and like the story goes, the armed, shielded and “officers” of 5 years feared for their life and unloaded four bullets. Bleeding, dead on the pavement with his head on the garage door, guns remained pointed at him – the Super Negro might get up and charge!


What happened is the same stuff that happens whenever a black body is slain.

The race-soldiers were put back on full duty to roam the streets; our absent and crazy District Attorney Hawk agreed with the grand jury ruling (Watkins was DA at the time of the shooting and Hawk during the grand jury), and the black councilmen/women were silent, especially Erik Wilson, whose district the shooting occurred. I know Dallas Police Association endorsed Wilson but he isn’t too far from the shooting and, after all, as a black man, we expect him to do something or say something – anything.

My mistake.

While people are going crazy over President Obama in town and former president and war criminal GWB, I can’t help but to ask: do y’all local elected officials really care? That includes YOU. Do YOU really care? According to their last chance to do something, my answer is, no, they don’t really care. Well, the answer may be yes but they are too cowardly to act on it. Cowardice is a common character of elected officials. Only the Mayor discusses racial relations, that I have heard anyway. YOU don’t really care either. Some of you will go to a whole other state to protest and march but we have two race soldiers by the name of Andrew Hutchins and John Rodgers roaming our streets now and an indifferent, absent District Attorney.


All these crocodile tears and “community conversations” are a waste of time, energy and resources, and honestly respect, if no policy changes hereafter.  Many recommendations have already been made to the Dallas Police Department, DPA and council men and women by groups like Dallas Action and national organizations like Mothers Against Police Brutality. A few changes in consideration are reviewing the Citizens Review Board practices and effectiveness, developing incentives for more local police officers, mental illness and social bias training, even providing subpoena power to the CRB. We don’t agree on every policy but some we do and somewhere is a start. I also wrote about some of the changes recommended to the county here, like a mental health professional to police dispatch.



Councilwoman King-Arnold (left) and Chief Brown (right)


The Air Force One has returned D.C. and Don Lemon is back in Atlanta. So now what? Community relations are a joke if your race-soldiers can watch their execution on repeat, probably while eating popcorn, for 72 hours before giving a statement. Community relations are a joke if no justice is served and the DA is God knows where. Can someone locate the District Attorney? Community relations are a joke if the black councilmen/women who are supposed to be sympathetic with us, can only muster out, “I stand with the Dallas police,” in times of convenience.

Don’t be a normal politician and use this event to dodge responsibilities. It is extremely easy especially now to act like you care about community relations. Rise above it, for once, and stick your neck out. Please stop insulting our intelligence and address the issues at hand. Or expect more violence on both sides to continue.


Police on killing spree? 48 hour recap and how going to sleep won’t cure your depression

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My mistake was consuming too much water last night. I should have never gotten up to use the restroom. Damn, I should have stayed asleep and let my bladder ruin over night.

bc6cd6806c2cdbdeef6aec277b80123cLike most black people who keep up with current events and history, (basically any person who is woke and thinks beyond the day to day existence), I dream of leaving this land to a place where my blackness is not a threat to be gunned down. This feeling resurfaces whenever a police killing goes viral. This time, from the north to the south, almost as a reminder that we are all screwed, Alton Sterlin in Baton Rouge and Philando Castile near Minneapolis were killed by race-soldiers fronting to be police officers. Sterling was killed in Baton Rouge for selling CDs outside and many questions still surround the case. Castile murder was also caught on cam by his girlfriend in the passenger seat. What is for certain is that neither men would have been killed, under any other circumstance, then the current one we are in, being the system of white supremacy. Which isn’t a circumstance by the way…


Unlike most black males, I am not afraid to admit that depression covers me from time to time. Yes, I get depressed by the steady diet of black men and women being killed by what appears to be scary, untrained police race-soldiers. Beyond the psychological impact of watching such footage, there is a desensitization process that occurs as your social media feed fills up with black blood. Black blood appears on our TV almost as frequently as it does a hip hop record. What is black people’s obsession with black death? What message does black death send to both white and non-whites about black life? These questions should be explored more in depth.

Often, I imagine  the depth of MLK Jr’s depression when he sat in jail and didn’t see the fruits of his labor. I am asserting he went through moods of depression. I have never been jailed for my activism but I do go through moods. The depression doesn’t activate after an incident; the depression occurs at the response. In short, the response usually goes like this:

We discover the victim’s record before his name. We never get the cops name. FOX News justifies it. CNN is horrible too. Black politicians who probably run that city, do nothing. Black attorney general and black president, yeah right. Most people side with the cop. Pray, march, hashtag. Dwayne Wade traded to Bulls. Social media overload. Yall need to go vote.

That…above me…is depressing! Feeling helpless and hopeless is depressing!

I  was in a similar situation as Castile and his girlfriend was.

I was pulled over by Grand Prairie Police two weeks ago. My hands remained on the wheel and made no sudden movements. I rolled my window down three inches (that’s my rule)  and he greeted me. He asked. “Why are your hands on the steering wheel? Are you armed?” “No, but I know the protocol and I don’t trust y’all,”  I replied. The protocol, for the record, was to be in a slave-like, prisoner of war (POW) position. He told me why I was pulled over and asked if I could show my license and insurance. I informed him that my wallet was in my back seat and my insurance in the glove department. I usually tell police this before reaching for either one but that morning I had two clients to meet and didn’t think it through. I reached for my wallet in my back pocket, only to have the officer back up a bit and reach for his pistol. At that moment, my life flashed before my eyes, as I then realized my mistake and the jeopardy I was in.  All the while he ran my plates and walked around my vehicle, my hands remained on the wheel. Needless to say I made it out alive.

While the cases produced different conclusions, viewing the video captured by his girlfriend reminded me of that situation. A traffic stop can result in sudden death. In Sterling’s case, the body cam happened to fall off during the encounter, which for all intent and purposes, may or not be true.  Let me remind you that the black state senator in Dallas believes it is OK for officers to have the choice to “activate a camera or may choose to discontinue a recording” in progress for any “nonconfrontational encounter with a person…”

Imagine the lies on top of lies, on top of lies, on top of lies that would have flowed from Castile’s case if his brave girlfriend didn’t record?

Lastly, in Castile’s video, you hear his girlfriend is crying and telling the police that he is a working man and not a criminal and/or gang member. Immaterial. Unfortunately, she learned too late. In a system of white supremacy, your college degree, occupation, clothing, name pronunciation and spelling, etc., is secondary. In my opinion, there has to be many, many more victims before black people get the message: our skin is the greatest sin.  Until racism is addressed, body cams, special prosecutors, training, having black people in government, etc. are all distractions.

Please, elected officials save us. Loretta Lynch — will you save us?.



Dallas police ready for Orlando-like shooting yet clueless on mental health and blacks

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Jumping on the opportunity to be in the headlines and remain relevant, Dallas Police Department announced they are ready for an Orlando-like shooting and hostage situation. As you know, 50 people were killed and 53 injured in the Orlando nightclub shooting this week.


Doesn’t look like Black Lives Matter activist to me.

June 13th marked the year anniversary of the last active shooter situation in the city  when James Bouleware parked his armored van in front of the police headquarters. We have Oak Lawn and Cedar Springs for the gayborhoods and I hope nothing happens there. To murder people in an area who finally get a chance to be themselves, to be free from judgement and stares, is an unforgivable offense.

While the announcement isn’t exactly encouraging, we should be pleased about the announcement, I guess. Taking up half of the 6th largest city in the country budget should qualify a department to properly handle one active shooter.

Taking out a shooter armed with an AR 15 who barricades himself in a building is hard to do in an efficient and economic manner. How do you stop a mad man in the fastest way possible without taking out innocent people in the process? The answer is hard and not for to me to solve. Law enforcement has solved it to the level  of our comfort and promise to be prepared should the situation occur, they say.

Like the Mayor, my concern isn’t with ISIS, and unlike the Mayor my concern are not active shooters either. My concern is of a situation more common than active shooters: the everyday interaction between officers and the citizenry.

DPD is like every other department in that the their officers don’t leave their vehicles unless to punish; there are no “beat officers” and everything that moves is a nail; and they are stuck with mostly white males who are afraid of black people. DPD has a lot of work to do but they made changes on the mental health side.

Here are the two major changes by Dallas:

  1. DPD  responded to one issue and that is their tendency to shoot the mentally ill. After years of protest, nightly vigils and crying to stop killing people who seek help and community meetings, DPD adopted sponge guns in April. Sponge guns are less lethal weapons with ammo that feels like a hockey puck. The tendency to shoot is unchanged but it shouldn’t kill the victim. A change in weapon is not a change in strategy and recently I discovered that, to no one’s surprise, Dallas police receive no training in mental health.sponge.jpg
  2. CEO of Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute, Andy Keller,  presented a plan last Thursday that aims to keep the mentally ill who aren’t dangerous out of the jail. Lew Sterrett has a daily population issue that directly coincides with amount of inmates diagnosed with a mental illness. According to Dallas Morning News, a part of the presentation to Dallas County included recommendations to “add a mental health professional to police dispatch” and “embed social workers with police and EMS units that respond to those in mental crises.”

In other news, someone else who loves attention: Mark Cuban. Cuban committed to donating $1 million to the police department, emphasizing a “bigger police presence for Oak Lawn, as well as other counter terrorism efforts.” Read more about that here. 

Do you have “card swipeoma”? Summer16 savings challenge, pt. 2

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Last week I told y’all about the Summer 16 challenge. I hope you signed up, chose your dollar amount and joined the Facebook group. Check my previous post if you want to get caught up.

A few updates from me….

  1. Someone once told me that there is no reason to track your spending or make a budget if you know where your money goes and how you spend it. This person is broke, for the record. You may or may not want to follow that advice. Each person is different. I follow advice from people who have successfully executed what I plan to accomplish.

    My opinion is that if you won’t keep a budget for yourself, the least you can do is track your spending. Tracking your spending will force you to reconcile with your spending issue. If you don’t want or find it tough (like we all do!) to change your spending habits, you will at the least know, exactly, what you are spending money on. “What’s the use of knowing what you spend money on if you won’t change your habits?” Looking at your iPhone notes on a Sunday night might make you say, “I spent what on what?!” then you may change your habits for that following week.  Just try it.

  2. After three weeks of tracking my spending, I made a budget. A budget without discipline is useless. Do you have card swipeoma, that is, a problem with card swiping? My brother had the antidote and made the suggestion that I pay my bills early. I mean early. I mean, like, three to four weeks early. Don’t be fooled and think you can keep that money in your account by the 17th when that payment(s) is due. By the second week of June, I will have paid all my bills, and it feels pretty cool. (NTTA – this does not include you). Now, what to do with that extra $1,500…
  3. Stash and Acorns are similar applications that allow you to invest for cheap and easily. Instead of saving up $1,000 to invest at your local brick and mortar bank, these apps allow you to start investing for only $5 and $10, respectively, and at better rates. Both also track your spending history and diverts the spare change from your purchases into your investments, making saving and investing almost seamless.

    These two apps remind me how much I hate the fact that I am forced into paying social security. I pay a lot into social security and I don’t care if it will be around when I am 60 — the plain fact of the matter is that my employer and I are forced to give up the goods before I know my check balance to a group of people that has clearly shown it can’t manage money. A flawed ideology would be to depend on my oppressors (or anyone for that matter) to take care of or assist me in old age. Anyways, all of my portfolios at the moment are higher than inflation and have better rates than your savings account, certificates, pillow case and shoe box.

    Digit is another application that I use and it includes SMS text. I don’t have any goal with this but I love how easy it is to save.

This savings challenge can become something larger. Imagine if just 50 black people in the same area decided to make savings a big deal in their day to day life? Instantly, that new transmission or tire won’t be such a big deal. Savings is a great start and develops that discipline – the contingent of all your financial plans, really. Savings alone won’t bring wealth. After mastering savings, the next step is investment; imagine if just 20 black people decided to go in on an investment plan?

I am not sure of Eric’s plan after this challenge ends in August but I will be interviewing the Doc soon about black people’s lack of investments (as compared to other races), the best ways to start saving money and the Black Market Exchange plans after the summer challenge.

Stay tuned.e8ab85_c3497bf05f6945778a080e4461a1e0f9.jpg_srz_811_300_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz

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