My Problem With Kim Kardashian…or America

August 13, 2010 § 3 Comments

Kim Kardashian. Who is she? How did she get famous? Well, that’s a question I didn’t even know! Not even those who obsess over pop culture know the answer! Some say she was best friends with Paris Hilton, but who knew her then?

In 2007, a sex tape leaked with her and the “rapper” Ray J…and the rest is history. Kardashian now stars in the TV show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and was a “celebrity” judge on the TV show “Dancing With the Stars”….

Why? Because of a sex tape. This is Hollywood, where they reward sex tape stars with TV shows and fame. Why the hell does she deserve to walk down the red carpet at the Grammy’s? How disrespectful. Now I see stupid girls changing their name to ‘Kardashian’ on Twitter and Facebook. Idiots.

I’m sick of brainless people who follow every single celebrity that magicly sprouts out of no where. I’m tired of people following celebrities period. Stupid celebrities at that. Do we not have a mind of our own? Maybe if we spent less time on Facebook or Bossip (I surf both sites), we could be better spellers (because this generation has terrible spellers) or actually know about the things that ACTUALLY affect our lives. Like the serial killer that’s running across the country, ONLY killing Black men that was just caught in Atlanta or $ billion in aid that Haiti hasn’t received.

It’s completely logical that Montana Fishburne released a sex tape. Hell, I would to! I pray she doesn’t receive a TV show or anything else. But who am I kidding? Why should I get my hopes up…


§ 3 Responses to My Problem With Kim Kardashian…or America

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