Disproving the Theories of the Late, Great 2Pac

August 17, 2010 § 1 Comment

Warning: The point of this post is to NOT degrade TuPac but to shed light to an already touchy subject for die hard TuPac fans. One, him being a ballerina, and second, being the GOAT (greatest of all time). Also, first decide on the definition of “real” and “fake” before commenting me with harsh words.

OK so I’m tired of people saying Pac was the GOAT. Now, I love Pac but no one in their right mind can truthfully tell me he is more LYRICAL than Nas, Eminem, Jay Z, or Biggie. Really? Even pop teenswill tell you that’s not true. Now this a touchy subject for die hard Pac fans but I’m here to speak the truth.

A thug? How so? This dude was in art school before he turned a rapper. Studied dance and poetry, “you was a ballerina, I got the pictures I seen ya”. How can some one become a ballerina, then a thug-rapper!? And he danced on stage with sex dolls? Come on man…

So years pass by, and he becomes a thug. People say “because he shot two policeman, raped something, got abused by police, shot on 3 diff occasions and is still best of all time.” <—that sounds like a young, dumb guy (no offense). Just because you run around jumping people in casinos makes you hard? A real tough guy? We call young people that run around jumping people stupid, and he did the same exact as them, so what makes it different?

Yeah, Jay Z quotes Biggie, but he has 12 albums. You going to say he used all of Biggie’s quotes from his 2 albums to make 12? Really? Can you sit here and tell me with a straight face Nas can’t spit better than Pac? I mean, don’t we weigh rappers by lyricism? Do we rank rappers from clothing? Well, it seems nowadays we do. (See: Wiz Khalifa or Big Sean). Album sells? No. We rank them from lyricism.

I’m not trying to convince any one Pac is a fake, besides y’all are the same people that believe Rick Ross is a cop turned drug lord…

Below is some lovely media:

at 1:05


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