Speech: The Pound Cake

February 1, 2011 § 3 Comments

The Pound Cake by Bill Cosby.

For the first installment of Black History Month, BHM, we have The Pound Cake speech by Bill Cosby. May 2004, for the 50th Anniversary of Brown vs. BOE, Cosby addressed the state of the Black community on speaking basic English, the lack of parenting, money management skills, and drop out rates. A lot of people may have heard the criticism, but few took the time out to actually hear the speech, so here it is. I think the criticism came from him “attacking” the lower socio-economic class, but these problems he speaks of happens at every level. Nonetheless, just about everything that came out of his mouth was/is completely true.

We have people that complain about the police but repeatedly engage in criminal behavior. Tavis Smiley said it best, “The best thing that Black folk can do to combat crime is not become criminals.”. What about spending $150 on shoes but not having the basic school supplies?

This is not an all out assault on Black people, don’t we think Cosby is better than that? Too many times we want to hear a sugar-coated version of everything but when it’s not sugar-coated, the messenger is accused of “attacking”. Well, let’s open our eyes and try to relate real life examples of the problems he lays in front of us. And don’t say, “What about Mexicans…”, our focus isn’t on Mexicans, it’s on ourselves. Mexicans, or [insert nationality], come over here, start up businesses and graduate with doctors…but that’s another post.

Enjoy the speech and leave your comments below.

Click for the transcript and audio version!

Downloadable audio: Cosby


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§ 3 Responses to Speech: The Pound Cake

  • Emma says:

    that was by far one of the best speeches i have ever heard! seriously. i mean.. it works for everyone if you ask me. White people tend to be more quiet about our problems and mistakes… because of the pride they have. so idk it was AMAZING!

  • Nice post. Black pol give tavis a lot of flack. Especially when he’s critcizes obama

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