Music: Enoch’s Meditation

February 3, 2011 § 1 Comment

Enoch’s Meditation by Robert Gasper

Robert Glasper. A guy I’ve been following a lot lately and I appreciate him for ushering me into the new sound of jazz.

I don’t have much to say except this is an amazing piece of work right here. Very creative and all. Whether or not you voted or support President Obama, we HAVE to at least be happy and believe in hope that we finally have a “Black president” (the quotes are for the controversy regarding his actual race). I mean, did anyone see the eyes of parents and grandparents over the age of 50? Full of water, disbelief, and happiness! Never in a million years could they predict a man of their own color that was once spit at, beaten, unfairly treated, enslaved, would become a ruler of the America, of all countries!

Below is a the video description found on the youtube video.

Jazz pianist Robert Glasper plays an original composition “Enoch’s Meditation,” with narrative from Martin Luther King’s 1966 “We Shall Overcome” speech, Barack Obama’s presidential election night victory speech from Grant Park in Chicago, audio from Dr. Cornel West, and a spontaneous piano reharmonization of the presidential anthem, “Hail to the Chief.”


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