BHM: Music: People Everyday

February 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

I think this is a song we can all relate, have happened, or seen happened. If not at a park, at a party, or some where else where normal people chill and have a good time.

When I say “the Black man’s biggest himself is himself” I mean it. No one provoked these Black males to approach Speech, the MC, disrespect his “Black queen”, or etc. Just unruly for no reason. Mad at life.

I love the way Speech words his lyrics. “Told the niggas please, I don’t like killing Africans”, “that’s the story of a Black man about a nigga getting stomped by an African.” I personally think he purposely worded it like that to differentiate that those Black people actually ARE niggas and deserve the term, sadly.

Enjoy another installment of Black History Month and expect more jams by these cats in the future!

Everyday People by Arrested Development


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