Selling Your Soul…

March 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

Ladies, do you sell your soul for love?

Do you go against your morals and values so you can feel loved? Do you not receive any love at home? Do your parent(s) not tell you, “You look beautiful”?

It all starts with self-worth. If you value yourself, you wouldn’t do half the things you do. Facebook or Twitter can’t find you love. If you have self-worth, you wouldn’t bend over in front of the mirror, half naked for 100 thumbs up and comments wouln’t occur. Thirsty. All that won’t bring about self-worth. If you have self-worth, you wouldn’t give yourself away to every man that came along. If you have self-worth,  you would value yourself and realize you are a gem.

It starts young. A big reason teen-pregnancy is so rampant (not excluding the fact hormones rage around this time) is these young kids depend on the opposite sex to feel loved. Giving themselves up so easily, for nothing. Ladies maybe if you actually listened to Lauryn Hill, instead of claiming you like her to look cool, you would heed her words, “Showing off your ass ’cause you’re thinking it’s a trend/Girlfriend, let me break it down for you again/You know I only say it ’cause I’m truly genuine/Don’t be a hardrock when you’re really a gem/Babygirl, respect is just a minimum.”

You are a queen, don’t sell yourself short.

No husband wants a used rag.

Before I end, don’t get me wrong. A lot of ladies, truly, aren’t a gem. You don’t have to say you are a barbie, queen, etc if you really are one. Yes, Nicki Minaj is a barbie: her buttocks are plastic.

Selling your soul is doing anything against your morals and ethics for…anything in return. Kanye apparently sold his soul for a “few toys like a happy meal.” Rick Ross raps in Usual Suspect, “I dealt with brauds, and those willing to sell they soul/
Over cars and clothes, man I’m talking petty hoes.”

Until then…


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§ 2 Responses to Selling Your Soul…

  • Emma says:

    People put so much blame on women and how they act, but what about all these men who only want that, who use sex as a game. They tell these poor girls all they want to hear, make them fall in love, and the girl honestly begins to believe it. Plus society puts out this stupid image of what guys what and what girls should look like. It’s not just their fault?

    • Mr. Bab says:

      The blame goes both way, agreed. BUT this post is for women to look at themselves, read this, then look at themselves again, differently.

      Even if they have no clue about the “game”, you are to value yourself. Regardless of what a man tells you, you would know to not give yourself up…bc you value yourself…

      But one day I will write about it from the other side…

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