A Tribute To Nathaniel Hale

March 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

So, last night rapper Nate Dogg passed away. He’s been suffering from two strokes had not recovered fully since. Suddenly, he started trending, expectedly, and my TL was filled with sadness, animosity, and devout fan-hood

Sadness from the obvious death, animosity stemming from the tweets making fun of Nate Dogg and challenging the new found fan-hood, and devout fan-hood. I was stuck in the middle challenging the authentic fan-hood.

If Nate Dogg had half as many fans that were supposedly heart-stricken when he passed, he would have sold a million records. BUT since he didn’t, many other people and myself were skeptical of the sudden stans.

A follower even commented: “Watch tomorrow on 106 Rocsi & Terrence FAKE asses gone act like they deeply hurt, play a video & come back like aint shit happened.” Not that I watch BET or anything but that is what they always. A spoon fed diet of what is considered Hip Hops weeks of Gucci Mane and Drake. Good job BET.

Throughout all the animosity and things, Twitter is Twitter. Tomorrow, a new day will pass,  a lighter slew of #NateDogg tweets will arrive, then the next day is like he never existed. No fans, no nothing.

What’s more entertaining and important is the lack of respect folks have, the ignorance that goes on in today’s Hip Hop youth, and Nate Dogg’s impact on the music. I’m in no way a Nate Dogg fan. I have one (the only one) 213 album with Snoop and Warren G, and I did jam that CD no doubt, but I haven’t listened to it in years. Though it is not my forte in music now, I realized his impact a long time ago, he was apart of my Hip Hop journey. Thankfully, I am not ignorant of Nate Dogg’s impact.

Too many folks are obsessed with T-Pain and Drake and can’t even recognize the ones that paved the way for singing rappers. Nate Dogg deserves a bit of respect. Fan or no fan.

Maybe our ears can’t recognize the G-Funkness because they are are clogged with Bruno Mars…

You can’t be upset, you can only laugh and try to put fellas on game. A Hip Hop History Lesson, if you will.

This is a tribute to you, Nathaniel Hale. RIP.

Sorry for the drop in the beginning. Couldn’t find a better one.


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