Nobel Peace Prize

March 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

FOX News

Ha. This weekend was full of drama. Not too much insight. Just some small things on my mind.

Mainly, I’ve decided to quit in life and host a show. If Glenn Beck can, so can I. But who is to blame? If I could draw X’s and O’s on chalkboards and try to convince to people Obama is sort of like a communist socialist czar, I would too! All these guys have radio shows, publish books, and make millions off the American people.

Military action in Libya to disarm Gaddafi, I mean to stabilize Libya, hell, who knows.

So know we’re shooting at Libya. Who the hell needs a congressional approval? (See: George Bush Jr and Iraq). So now that we are in Libya, will he deploy troops? I sure pray not. We can’t afford two wars. I say “afford” because I mean afford. Click that link to get a deeper insight.

What happen President Obama?

I’m not for military action on Libya, don’t even know if I’m for a no-fly zone. Yes, we are in coalition with other countries but we are always the ones left there to clean up the mess. What is our objective? To defend the oppressed Libyan people? To drag out Gaddafi? I really need answer.

Also, Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke on a radio station today, paints him as a good guy and treats the protesters grievances as illegitimate. I don’t understand how Liberals don’t denounce this guy. Yes we understand America shows selective human rights caring, but to partly defend Gaddafi?

I mean the best way for a nation to fall is to be broke and have wars while being broke, all while on Obama’s watch. Great. I’m not liking the look in this.

And we have Hannity Colmes trying to draw a connection between Obama and Farrakhan lol. Maybe they should change the name to Late Night with FOX News Show because every host is a joke. O’Reilly then Hannity?! Doubleheader! Keep ’em coming, FOX, keep ’em coming!


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