April 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

It’s like the world is watching which country is the next to rebel. First Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Syria, Yemen (even Ivory Coast) are now on the verge. Better yet, which country will America dive in, rescue, “liberate”, and potentially even occupy. Well, thanks to technology first used during the World War 1, all the battlefield’s a stage and all the men and women are merely pawns.

Yes! Power to the countries with enough balls to battle 30 year-ed, corrupt rulers, completely rigged elections (See: Bush and Gore 2000 election), and demand rights!

With all this “reality TV” swarming around, we downplay a lot of events, both domestic and foreign, and flip the channel.

So why does this concern you? Why is this worth reading? Well, that’s a question I can’t answer unless you open your eyes.

This is real life! You are witnessing a revolution and demand for change. You are witnessing a moment in history that your children will read in their textbooks (if Rick Perry doesn’t erase that chapter). This will determine how serious the federal government is about alternative energy. This will determine whether or not America will continue to be the world’s  police under Obama’s rule.

Meanwhile the Middle Eastern fiasco, we have a potential government shutdown at midnight Friday. This is something I don’t see much on TV, in relation to the Middle East, anyways. There have been 5 shutdowns in history, the most recent being in 1995 with Bill Clinton as president and (ironically) New Gingrich as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. The GOP proposed a cut in…you guess?! Chiefly education and medicare! Proposed cuts include Head Start, too.

“Leading Republicans are still threatening to shut down the government if they don’t get everything they want – which includes taking cops off the street and cutting financial aid for college instead of cutting waste and excess, like $20 billion in government giveaways to oil companies that are currently raking in record profits,” Jon Summers, spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.

Meanwhile , Donald Trump flies around the country proclaiming (maybe “trying to convince people” is better suited) a 2012 President election run and demands Obama to show his birth certificate.

All this makes me wonder if Obama can handle all the pressure. Needless to say, upon entering office, he had a lot on his plate from Bush Jr. and now rocks a to-go bag to take home. But, apparently, he isn’t giving up, recently announcing his 2012 re-election bid. Click here for his first ad

Now, focus your attention back on the slayings in the Middle East. We enjoy watching that stuff, as if it’s a movie. “Killings and Drug Violence in Mexico: Where Not To Go for Spring Break.” Or, our fave “Muslims: The 21st Century Scapegoats.”

Who knows. Maybe even Charlie Sheen can host the next big show.


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  • Emma says:

    There is a good chance the govt won’t shut down, but keep me updated on that… Bc my husband wouldn’t get paid.
    I haven’t decided how I feel about the uprisings… Half of me says “free men should fight to free men”… We got our asses kicked at first turned it around and then the French helped. But we already are in a war. We don’t need another one. Were trying to be freaking 17th century Britian and occupy too much of the world. You saw how that worked out for them.

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