Human Nature: My Release

April 7, 2011 § 17 Comments

It’s human nature to reason. There has to be a reason for everything. We are taught to not question our religion, but how can we not question something that we base our lives off of? We are taught to model our lives after Christ, be Christ-like, and at the same time taught not to question who and what we believe. How can we put so much weight in something? How can we transform our lives based off someone, without looking into who or what we put our life into?

Christianity is a religion based off faith. A very loose, thin string of faith. I can no longer ignore the theories against Christianity. Not primarily that, but I’m scared to base my life off of faith alone. Having faith about anything can change the way we live. Children act off faith, too. Tell a child Santa Claus (I’m NOT at all equating the two as myths, but same concept) gives out coal to bad children and watch how their disruptive behavior turns to good behavior.

The child merely believes in Santa Claus, but that belief is enough.

People need hope, people need belief. Throughout all the bad stuff, there is hope that a sinner like you can make it into heaven.

How hopeful and inspiring that a former drug addict or stripper, can now be accepted, forgiven, and have their past erased. How inspiring can it be for you to be drunk 2 of 7 days of the week, when the Bible explicitly says drunkards will be denied the kingdom of heaven (1 Corinthians 6:10). How comforting is it, for a poor person, to be treated equally and know that being rich won’t get you into heaven, as the commonly misunderstood passage in Matthew 19:24 states.

Yes, faith can build multi-million dollar churches, turn young teens turn into missionaries, and completely lead someone into a different life. Look around. Anything with dialogue (the Bible), institutions (churches and private schools), and fervent leaders (ministers) can do that. Look at Islam, Buddhism, and any other religious organizations or even cults. All these things people change their lives for the same reason! Faith! They all believe what they’re reading is correct, close their eyes  and believe faith will carry them through.

A lot of questions are put to rest with replies like, “You don’t know what God has in store”, or “God didn’t create our minds to understand everything.” Another common phrase within the Christian faith is “Your reward is in heaven.” Well, I believe, that type of response can be used for anything. I equate it with telling a child, “Keep your room clean for a month and I’ll put your new toys in a closet until next year, but you are not allowed to open your closet until then.” Good luck convincing that kid on those presents.

OK, I admit: maybe that wasn’t a horrible example, but I think you understand. Lol.

Many of us read the Bible with “blind eyes.” We ignore the women oppression, the historical inaccuracies, etc. We all nitpick the Bible, whether or not we try to. We ignore some sections and chose to follow certain ones. For example, women praying and prophesying in church. I think a lot of the things (things that are still a problem today in Africa and the Middle East) in the Bible were written with a cultural bias You see some women oppression throughout it, some proposed killing of homosexuals (Leviticus 20:13).

So, like hypocrites who ignore portions of the bible, “non hypocrites” ignore portions, too.

I find it hard to believe the complete Bible was written with a pure heart and in total submission to God. In regards to the infallible English translation of the Bible, I was once told God knows our heart and intent.

I’m not trying to persuade anyone to give up on religion, but to persuade everyone to open their eyes and question whatever they are being taught. Do not read something you base your life off of with blind eyes. There are many other Christians that I’ve had conversations with on the possible fallibility of the Bible, and they too agree with my sentiments. We can’t continue to ignore portions of the Bible and deem them as “not as important.”

If we are to take the Bible as the whole truth, how can we not believe certain portions of it?

There was a time, when I felt as if the music ministry was my calling. I was so moved by Israel Houghton: Alive in South Africa. It felt as if God was speaking to me, as if I should dedicate my life winning souls for Jesus because he did invaluable things for my life. Then, I had faith. Was it my faith? Just mere believing was enough.

Do we just live? Or does God have our steps ordered? Is it planned or God designed? Do we need a reason for atrocities and natural disasters? Do we just need something to cling to after natural disasters? Do we need hope of a paradise after death?

To wrap this up, I do believe in a God. I do believe someone created us. My main problem, namely a complex, is the Bible. Especially the Bible, or Jesus, being the centerpiece of Christianity, it forces you to rethink the whole practice. I don’t know if Jesus literally turned a loaf of bread into a buffet to feed thousands. I don’t know why many things happened then, that we can’t see now. I don’t know. And maybe it’s not meant for me to know. Maybe that’s my problem. Maybe my faith isn’t strong enough.

Please view my short Afterword.


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§ 17 Responses to Human Nature: My Release

  • It's just a web site man! says:

    I have read your article and as a Christian I don’t agree with some of your conclusions. However, one thing I can tell you is that Christ would never ask a Christian to have “blind” faith. It is important to seek out truth, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with questioning your faith.

    I spent much of my life not only questioning my faith, but ignoring and running from GOD. After all that running, when I settled down and really read the Bible to understand it, I came to a conclusion – the God of the Bible is the one true God and Christ was my savior.

    I did not change my life, then surrendered, I surrendered, and Christ in turn changed me. It has been a gradual process which I expect to take the rest of my life.

    I am sorry that you have apparently come to a conclusion that the Bible is incorrect or faulty. My hope is that at some point, you will re-open your life to Christ and He will make a change in you..

    God Bless…

  • Herm says:

    But miracles do happen still. People still have the same amount of power to do things now that they had back then. There is no difference. All believers have God living inside of them, capable to do anything and everything. It is not solely based on believing there IS a God but believing He can still do things He did in the past. If you look at the miracles happening in the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) they were based on great faith. The girl near death who was healed in Matthew it says in Matthew 9:22, “Your faith has made you well.” In Matthew 15:28 it says, “..Woman, your faith is great. Let it be done for you as you want.” But when Peter tried to walk on water and failed he says in Matthew 14:31, “..You of little faith, why did you doubt.” It is not only based on faith there is a God but having faith and believing He CAN still do those things. This was just to your last paragraph about your faith not being strong enough.

    • Mr. Bab says:

      It’s all faith based still. You mean “still do things” like what?

      Faith without works is dead. That’s a vague phrase used in the Christian circle. It’s like saying “Have faith God can do ____ for you, but still work hard to accomplish that goal.” You know, it’s like a double-sided thing.

  • It's just a web site man! says:

    Mr. Bab:

    I realize it is difficult for you to believe the miracles of the new testament because you don’t “see” those miracles today.

    However, keep in mind that Jesus only had a very short time to bring salvation to the world. The miracles not only proved who He was to the people of that time, but was written down, and has saved us all.

    Today, you have the benefit of the Bible, something people during those times did not have. God does work in today’s world, providing miracles, even if those miracles are not visibly seen as they were back then. But the fact is – God doesn’t want to have to trick you into believing. He wants to make a change in your life, but He wants you to meet Him half way. If He came down and walked on water for you, would you believe? Or would you find another excuse to not have faith? Also, why do yo feel you have the right to command Him?

    He wants you to recognize that He is your savior, that you are powerless and that His will is more important to you than yours. He is not asking for perfection from you, only that you surrender to His will, trust Him, and in turn, He will grant you salvation and eternal life.

    Is that really too much to ask from the one who created you?


    • Mr. Bab says:

      I know I don’t have to be perfect, so can I be gay, drunkard and be accepted into heaven? Throughout the bible, Jesus is asked what is the way to heaven and there are different responses. So who are you to say merely trusting in him will bring you salvation?

      That’s really besides the post’s point. I think the point I displayed is evident. The bible historical innaccuracy, opression, infallibality, etc. I don’t know who orders our steps, but why does it have to be a deity?

      This post is only an abridged version. Understand, im not denouncing my faith, also.

  • Deremy powell says:

    Honestly i feel u i mean u question it but theres somequestions we wont kno until we get there. Some things i do wonder abt but at the same time ur faith should never fade away faith is defined as believeing without seeing. So if ur truly dedicated to Christianity then u live by faith not by site.

  • It's just a web site man! says:

    >>I know I don’t have to be perfect, so can I be gay, drunkard and be accepted into heaven?

    Whether you are accepted into heaven is not for me to decide, that is for God to decide. Sin does not keep us out of heaven. If it did, none of us would get there. Salvation is basically recognizing your sin, repenting, and living your live surrendering to the will of God. Jesus gave us two commandments:

    From Matthew 22:38-40:

    “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.”

    By the way, time and time again the Bible has proven to be very historically accurate. As far as oppression, this has existed since the beginning of time. Good and evil exists that is a fact. But time and time again, God’s message is clear, and it is one of love and worship of the one and only one God. Again, I am sorry that you have come to the conclusion that you have.

    Have you ever looked at Have you ever read any of Lee Strobel’s book?

    • Mr. Bab says:

      I’m not disproving anything, I’m only asking you questions by the way…

      The oppression, did God inspire that too? Just for one, why would God inspire the writers to kill all homosexuals? I don’t see that as “loving thy neighbors as thyself.” Did man put that there himself? Lord knows what else man infused in the Bible. I believe the oppression was, and still is, a cultural thing, not God inspired.

      What of John 14:6? So is surrendering to Jesus and believing he is the Messiah is no longer enough? That’s a discrepancy from Matthew 22:38-40, isn’t it?

      What happens to ppl that have never heard of a Bible? Why would God unfairly punish those with eternal damnation who refuse to believe the Bible?

      There are missionaries who go to foreign land all the time and present the word of God to village people, and of course, fairly, they deny the word of God. It’s mind boggling for a believer, not to mention non believer, to believe Jonah was in the belly of a whale for 40 days and nights.

  • Emma says:

    Well, I am happy to see a post we agree on for once 🙂
    I have been trying my WHOLE life to understand and try and follow religion. I had a deep need for it and wanted that feeling that everyone else who believe in him had. I let go into my heart, I accepted him as my savior and honestly, it all felt like a lie to me (insert Christians telling me that was the devil trying to confuse me…MOVING ON ). I have always been a science person, so I naturally went to evolution or “big bang” as my thought on how the world started… I do question, how that one little atom of gas got their to create this, because matter isn’t created through nothing.. I won’t lie, never read the whole bible, never will, because it pisses me off. But I will say, I have read all of Psalms and another one but i dont remember what the dudes name is, anywho, I like some teachings and the spirit of the bible, such as dont kill, dont cheat, love is patient, love is kind (actually had a scripture read at my wedding, even though im not religious at all.. just because i love that saying)
    Anyways, What I am trying to say is I have been where you are… I live with morals and have a great life, i wasnt damned or screwed over because I denounced my faith in Christ. Personally, I believe we sit in a hole and rot… not what you really want to do in life, heaven sounds so much better but uh, I don’t really see that happening. I believe in spirits, brought by energy not a lost soul, because my very strict catholic grandmother still wants the earth (TELL ME I AM CRAZY I FREAKIN DARE YOU).
    ok getting off topic again, anyways, BACK TO THE ORIGINAL POINT THE BIBLE… So.. the whole no dinosaur thing?… Im curious, dont tell me they werent real. I had a youth pastor tell me they weren’t, so i threw a bible at him and left 🙂
    bleh i have so much more I want to say… but i feel like i typed to much already

  • It's just a web site man! says:

    Mr. Babb:

    I am by no means a bible scholar, so I may not be able to answer every one of your questions. However, if you looks at it openly and do some reading of bible scholars and historians I think you will find may of these questions can be answered. As for what I can answer:

    >>The oppression, did God inspire that too
    Good and Evil exist in this world as a result of Man’s fall from grace. In the Bible God uses this good and evil to teach us and hopefully draw us closer. However, the overall theme in the Bible is not to oppress but to be loving to your neighbors. Maybe you can specify specific verses where you believe God is inspiring oppression? It is very easy to pull specific verses out of context and conclude that the Bible condones oppression, but I do urge you to read the Bible thoroughly and try to understand the context and times in which the books were written before you make those conclusions.

    >>What of John 14:6? So is surrendering to Jesus and believing he is the Messiah is no longer enough? That’s a discrepancy from Matthew 22:38-40, isn’t it?

    I don’t get your point here. This verse is “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

    Christianity’s view of God is a trinity, father, son, and holy ghost. Jesus is God in the form of the son. The Matthew verse teaches us to love God and our neighbors. Since the Father, son and holy ghost are one and the same, but in three different forms, all that is saying is that you must accept Christ as your savior. This is the basic point of Christianity. The two verse are very much talking about the same thing. Maybe I am not understanding you.

    >>What happens to ppl that have never heard of a Bible? Why would God unfairly punish those with eternal damnation who refuse to believe the Bible?

    With regard to people that have never heard of a Bible, we simply don’t know. We are fallen creatures, and not knowing everything is part of being human, and part faith. We trust that God has a plan for all of His children.

    With regard to people who refuse to believe in the Bible, it is not God who is punishing them. God very much wants a relationship with them and provides the means to do so. But it is our decision to believe or not believe.

    As for Jonah and the “whale”, you are saying whale because that is what the english version says. However, as I have asked you to do, you really need to study the Bible from a historical perspective and realize that the word whale really meant “great fish”. Here is a link that explains the story and also discusses quite a bit of history regarding the prophet Jonah –

    • Mr. Bab says:

      Well that Leviticus verse says “they (homosexuals) shall lie in blood”.

      So the village ppl that refused to believe goes to hell and has to suffer from eternal fire? Isn’t that unfair? Are you disagreeing its unfair?

      Great fish, whale. Doesnt matter. The fact a man lived in the belly. I don’t see that as possible.

      Well john 14:6 is widely understood as the only way to heaven is to accept jesus. Jesus is the only way. Not good deeds, morals or any of that…

      I know there are unanswerabl questions, but its simply unfair to believe those who wont believe will go to hell. God is a fair God. I think its shallow to say only Jesus can take you to heaven.

      You can choose to ignore certain passages if you please, but I cant do that. When im home with my Bible, ill highlight passages of oppression and may even write another post.

      That is all. Again, my faith isn’t strong enough.

  • It's just a web site man! says:


    You said some thing that rings very true. Your faith IS your decision, and anyone pushing you to do it will cause you to lose your faith if it is not coming from you. I agree with that.

    Seems like you may have encountered some Christians that either said or did the wrong thing, and I am sorry about that. I too encounter some Christians who can be judgmental and end up pushing people away. Christianity is all about inclusion not exclusion.

    You say that you have not read the whole Bible because it makes you angry. Is it really the Bible that is making you angry? Or is it the unanswered questions and lack of guidance about what you are reading?

    As far as the dinosaur thing – I have to admit I chuckled at that one. Of course dinosaurs existed. Of COURSE you will never hear the word dinosaur in the Bible, since that word was not used until the 1800’s. There are various examples of animals in the Bible that very well could have been dinosaurs, but of course the people at the time would not have labeled them as such. To them, it was normal to see these animals, just as it was normal for us to see the animals we see today.

    Here is a link that talks about the possibility of dinosaurs in the Bible

  • It's just a web site man! says:

    I don’t ignore passages, I just know that as a man, I don’t understand everything, and that is ok. I let God be God, and I don’t wrestle with Him, because in the end, I will be the one losing. I have lived long enough in life to know that trying to fight God’s will is a losing battle, so I chose instead to surrender to His will, and I have never looked back.

    Yes John 14:6 does say that Jesus is the only way. That is is the point of Christianity. We believe in a triune God. One and only one God, in three forms, father, son and holy spirit. Jesus is God, so therefore if you believe Jesus is the son part of that Trinity, then yes he is the only way to heaven because God (this time in the form of the son) is the only way to heaven.

    If your point is to simply prove that the God in the Bible does not exist, or isn’t true, you will find a way to do it. So yes I would say your faith is not strong.

    I hope one day that changes for you. I truly mean that even though I have no idea who you are. I am in my mid 40’s and have struggled much of my life with many of the same questions you have. Been there done that….


    • Mr. Bab says:

      Thanks a lot for your concern and comments. I know I can’t understand everything, but I can’t ignore some passages that were supposedly inspired by God. I just can’t. I can’t ignore many other things too…one day, I’ll find my way. Whichever way that may be…

      Peace to you.

  • Myss says:

    First off I’m not gonna try and combat everything you said or try to prove anything to you because only God can answer those question. I could try but my words probably would fall showrt. Anyway I just wanted to comment of the comment about the phrase “Faith Without Works is Dead” I used to question that phrase too but I heard something that helped me understand it.

    Faith with out works doesn’t mean that you have to do anything on your part to acomplish that goal, it’s saying that once you have faith your works automatically begin to reflect that. So if people who claim to have faith but thier actions don’t reflect that (ie they still do the same things they used to and nothing has changed) then thier faith is dead. Granted change doesn’t happen over night and all Christians aren’t perfect but when a perosn becomes a “true believers” his actions should show it. God is God all by himself he doesn’t need our help, we wold end up messin’ it all up anyways.

    Idk if I got my point across but hopefully you get what I’m tryna say.

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