4 Silly, Recurring Myths About President Obama

April 27, 2011 § 2 Comments

1. Change!

Ahem. Well, not so much. Change is the eye of the beholder!

I think we are all familiar with the president before our current one, yes? With that being said, you are at least partly familiar with all he was expected to clean up.

All the “hope”, “change”, “yes we can”, talk sounds good and stuff, but it’s all just jargon.

2. He was born in Kenya.

I lost. I’ve succumbed to “the Trump’s” circus. He has now deemed himself as a “birther”, and most importantly, a nut.

Trump started his circus about 2 weeks ago, not speaking on important issues, but demanding President Obama to show his birth certificate. Old story, new character.

Now the Trumpster is using the President’s birth certificate as a bargaining chip, saying he won’t release his tax returns unless the President publicly releases his birth certificate. Well, this morning the President does exactly that. Who exactly is the Trump to demand that, not being a presidential candidate? Or a serious person at that matter?

This is pure buffoonery by any one who supports this notion. This is bitterness by those who voted against him. How can a man become President without showing his birth certificate? What did he say to whoever he has to show it to, “Uhh I’ll show you my certificate after I swear in, sometimes later.” NO!!!

Trump even has an “investigation team” in Hawaii. I mean, who writes this guy’s script.

How can you get this far without presenting a birth certificate!? Every media outlet has investigate, in 2008, and the conspiracy still lingers!

3. He’s a Socialist Czar.

Aahhh my favorite, or Glenn Beck’s favorite. The President is a socialist czar, as fascist as Hitler, and wants to take over our lives.

He doesn’t want to strip the rich’s money and pass it out to the poor. Yes, Obama is a hard liberal (posing as a centrist) but no, he doesn’t want want to control every aspect of your life.

4. He’s a Muslim

Since being a fascist, being born out of the country, are negative things, so is being a Muslim. Every time I hear someone in Congress or in the media, questioning his religion and suggesting he’s a Muslim, let’s me know there is still Islamophobia.

So if he did practice Islam, he can no longer be President? Is there punishment for Muslim presidential candidates? What of a Muslim secret society in Congress, posing as Christians?

We even have very popular talk show host entertaining this idea.

Trumpster even said maybe he won’t show his certificate because it says he’s a Muslim. There is no religion on a birth certificate! How can a newborn baby proclaim to be a Muslim?! As Geraghty puts it, “I suppose if next to where the religion it says “Muslim”, it would generate a predictable brouhaha, but it would reveal more about the beliefs of his father at that time than the candidate. It’s not like one-day-old Obama filled the form out himself.”

Final Verdict

We have 3 wars, a falling dollar, and a large budget deficit. These myths were started by those who hate the President, out of emotion and stupidity, and not the hard evidence in their face. Obama said this morning:

Normally I wouldn’t comment on this but 2 weeks ago I gave a speech about my budget but the dominant news story was my birth certificate…We can’t solve our problems if we make stuff up and pretend that facts aren’t facts & get distracted by sideshows & carnival barkers

A whole four years later, not even the President would have guess the controversy would remain. This is sensationalism at it’s finest. The fact that NO other president had to show their birth certificate, shows you where we still stand. If the President’s certificate had religion, and it read “Islam”, that would reveal more about America than himself.

But, oh, of course, his skin color has nothing to do with this…


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§ 2 Responses to 4 Silly, Recurring Myths About President Obama

  • grl says:

    Wow !!!!!! The Trumpster is nothing but a gossip and starts rumors it looks like. Does’nt he have anything better to do with his life than to worry about what the next person is doing ????? He would like to be President ? Who wants a gossip for a President!!!! No one really!

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