Why Don’t You Just Show It

April 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

“Why doesn’t he just show it.”

The first 3 definitions of “birther” in the Urban Dictionary are probably the best ones I’ve read.

That’s all I keep hearing from Republicans that shy away from sounding too racist. Instead of denouncing this “birther” issue, they flip it on the President. Classic mirror move. That’s all I keep reading in different articles, blogs, forums, hearing on news talk radio stations, and see on TV. “Why didn’t he just show it.”

I know the answer.

He doesn’t have to!

I applaud the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, for saying, “If he says he’s born in Hawaii, that’s good enough for me.”

Since the birthers are so caught up on not apologizing for the obvious racist undertones in demanding to see a long form birth certificate, I have a proposal.

I demand to see “Palin’s high school diploma”, Bush’s Jr college diploma, Trump’s tax returns for the past 5 years, and Glenn Beck’s brain. Surely, I hope, they can display that. No. I demand to see birth certificates from every president, starting from George Washington. If the FBI or whoever can not display them, they should be stripped of their presidential services.

Sorry. No more secret services for you Mr. Jimmy Carter.

Not only is demanding a birth certificate from the President of the United States intruding, it is also completely disrespectful. The president already released the short form and dismissing that labels him as a liar and a fraud.

If you are a Black person on the side of the “birthers”, you have been brainwashed.

We need tons of apologies from the former birthers. We need apologies from news-stations that didn’t denounce Trump. We need apologies from Trump himself.

In the midst of a national storm, both figuratively and literally, the only thing that seems to be important is a birth certificate and a “Royal Wedding.” This is a sad nation. Maybe the GOP are distracting us from the lack of serious candidates.

He has a “very good relationships with the Blacks“, so I do not believe Trump is racist; I believe he is an opportunist. Even worse, he is playing into the hands of the real racist in the media and in the country. In his book Think Like a Champion published in 2009, Trump praised Obama but now he thinks he’s a fake, a foreigner, and, most recently, an exemplary product of affirmative action.

How sickening.

So, I do not bash (though it may seem) Trump. I bash the media for entertaining the fiasco since 2008. I bash his supporters.

Now that it’s released,  hopefully all this will be behind us. Though, I won’t be surprised if the next loony demands to see one of his daughters DNA test.

Why don’t you just show it, Mr. President.


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