bin Laden? Check!

May 12, 2011 § 2 Comments

OK. Congrats Obama.  Obama bin Laden, oops, Osama bin Laden, is now captured, I mean killed. #obl is longer trending. Citizens are no longer drinking and dancing in the streets. Now what?

I’m happy for the bin Laden victory but let’s come down from the victory high. We have problems here at home. Now, undistracted from a birth certificate and Trump’s circus moves, we have to focus.

Gas is rising. Immigration reform is needed. We have an absurd amount of debt. Teachers are being laid off by the dozens and schools are being shutdown. This is not a time for strict ideologies, Mr. Boehner. What are you and your party going to do? What are you willing to sacrifice?

Needless to say, we need a solution.

I’m all for immigration reform and the Dream Act. I said couple months back that the President would attack this issue because the problem, illegal immigration, will be ever more present in ’12. The issue is too big and he knows this. Hopefully, but I expect, it won’t be the normal politics: conservatives = xenophobes (though many are). Pushing to please the Latino vote, today the President presented his plan in El Paso, TX on immigration reform.

Summary of his plan: Obama’s plan would require illegal immigrants to register with the government, undergo criminal background checks, pay back taxes and fines, learn English and get in line behind people who have already applied to enter the country. Then, they would be eligible to become legal permanent residents in eight years, and full U.S. citizens five years later.

Apart from immigration, I have problems keeping my gas light off. It’s quite frustrating. And to think, Exxon apologizes for high prices, claims to have no control over prices, and claims to not make any money off  gasoline. Sigh.

We have to cut back on consumption. We can not continue to buy $100 shoes and complain about gas prices. That’s easy to say when the U.S. is consuming almost 4x as much oil as we are producing. It’s obvious the government is moving to slow for us regular folk.

Now Congress, Senate Democrats, is dragging big oil executives to Capitol Hill and grilling ’em on subsidies and to explain why gas is rising. This is a result of the people’s cry for lower prices.

Increasing taxes on big oil isn’t the solution. Decreasing our slavery is!

Is it the rich’s moral responsibility to help the government get out of this slump? Or as a listener put it, “is [ConocoPhilip exec.] your subsidy more important than providing student’s government aid.” Is it OK to pass laws, forcing the rich to help?

Slamming the rich, though the biggest scam, Wall St bailout (something I won’t expand on this post) occurred, attacking the rich is no use.

Classic class warfare.

I support looser regulation on minimum wage and an increase on the tax rate, proportionally, all across the board.

Invest in your future, yourself…and alternative energy!

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§ 2 Responses to bin Laden? Check!

  • Emma says:

    Finally, something I want to reply too 🙂 *clears throat*
    First, before I start, I am no way rich (for those who don’t know me). So, I mean, I don’t agree that the rich should get a tax break, but I mean, these are the main people who spend money! We shouldn’t screw them over with higher taxes, yeah it might help the government debt, but if they start losing money more and more then they are gonna stop spending like they use too, and then were does that leave our economy? And I see so many people bitchin and complaining about these damn gas prices, yet.. look at their clothes, their phone, their cars, their houses, their random things they have and want that they buy, but oh no! Gas is high. Well quit spending money on these retardedly high pants and maybe you can go get some gas. Supply and demand. If its high in depend and low in supply, guess what? it cost more! That’s how it works. So quit driving to the corner store if its not even a mile down the road. Quit making 30 trips to walmart a week. I hate the gas prices, I can’t even go home and see my family thats 2 hours away because it’ll take like 100 bucks for me to get there and back. But, trust me, for those who know, I don’t spend tons on clothes, I live on my husbands soldier salary, and go to school. So anyways, basically Bab my dear, gas prices suck, imagine if you lived in the 70s when it was like 50 cents and now its almost 4 dollars! And food prices have gone up, not just gas. I care more about the food prices then the gas prices. So… NEXT POST= FOOD PRICES!

    Im not even gonna comment on the illegal people.. haha

    • Mr. Bab says:

      Yeah, money management is so crucial. I think we’ve all been victims of that. We have to riot if food prices go up. Can’t play with the American people’s stomach.

      Have you seen the size of some people’s stomach?

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