RIP Gil Scott Heron

May 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Wow. A real revolutionary artist, Gil Scott Heron, passed away last night. His influence rings from funk to hip-hop. His voice has blesses soooo many samples.

“For the social outkasts, the freedom fighters, and those who battle day-to-day anti-intellectualism…”, Heron exemplified this! Heron “sang about health care, police brutality, nuclear proliferation, racism, marriage, hunger and hurt.”

He highly deserves a post and more than this measly thing I’m doing. Urban radio stations should freeze and honor this guy, but as usual, you will only hear a, “RIP Heron”, then back to the nonsense music.

It’s like wow, a guy who has been constantly making music since the 70’s, positively influenced generations of music and multiple genres, can’t receive any radio play in honor of his death.

Sigh. DJ’s are as powerless as the artist. DJ’s need a union, hell.

RIP Heron.

This post was quickly written.


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