Titanium Spines and Other Absurd Things

June 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

According to serious presidential hopeful, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, she has a “spine of titanium.” Um, OK? Not only is her spine apparently made of titanium, having the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal (compared to Wolverine’s claws made of adamantium), but she also assumes the President is threatened by her presence. Because, of course, Tea Party candidates are threatening.

Right now, Bachman is 5th in the polls, 1st and 2nd being Palin and Romney.

She says all this with a smile, too. She’s the real deal! Not like the other GOP candidates. She can relate to the average American and is a small business owner, making her a job creator, unlike the President, who can’t do any of these things.

Contrary to the other female GOP (maybe) presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, Bachmann has sort of a brain and doesn’t, for the most part, spit out sound bites about the need for little government.

Her recent spill includes the official kickoff off her presidential campaign in Iowa. Iowa is the 3rd term congresswoman’s birthplace, along with cowboy star John Wayne.

After being ridiculed for misspeaking the birth place of “patriot,” cowboy star John Wayne (mistaken with John Wayne Gacy, mass murderer from Waterloo), and playing his own personal “President Obama Gaffes: Greatest Hits”, Bill O’Reilly calls out the media for the playing “gotcha game.”Uh?

This has to be a play or something, where is the script?

I’m sure John Wayne is looking down, smiling at the superb acting skills and script. You go, Bachmann!

Like I’ve said in previous post, we are a long way from the 2012 elections and many things will change, candidates will shoot themselves in the foot, cheat on their wife, and/or drop out.

Keep your eyes open!


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