My Problem With Casey Anthony

July 5, 2011 § 4 Comments

I have a serious problem with Casey Anthony. No, more of a problem with the media and society.

Seems like the media will give any nut air time for saying or doing anything. First it was Glenn Beck and his chalkboards, then Donald Trump and his very short-lasted presidential “run” and taking credit for the public release of the president’s long-form birth certificate, now it’s party-girl Casey Anthony.

Who’s next? Texas Governor Rick Perry?

For the past few weeks, Anthony’s surprised, saddened, and deranged face has appeared on all of my national news channels and major newspapers. I’m talking days in a row, no days off. For a person that has done absolutely no research, I know way too much about her and the case.

Anthony is now a superstar.

Well, why not. 50 free seats? Oh, people ran and trampled each other like WalMart during Black Friday just to sit in and touch her cloak. One night, a fight even broke out.

I have a problem finding the precedence in this case. She isn’t a celebrity. Mothers kill their kids every few days. No? The most recent one in my memory being the mother that drove into the Hudson River, killing all but one of her children.

If the big deal with Anthony is that she’s a liar that believes her lies, that isn’t a big story at all. I deal with many people that lie in my face everyday and I’ve dealt with a few people that actually believed their lies. Now, I believe anyway, if you believe your lies or if the foundation of your life is a lie, you should receive mental help. That doesn’t make you insane or incompetent to live.

The fact that she allegedly partied while her daughter laid in the trunk rotting, should be enough reason to execute her. Her father said the trunk had maggots and smelled like death and we’re on day two of deliberations. I mean, come on. I party all the time with a stinky trunk, no big deal.

So where’s the story?

She’s definitely crazy, that’s without a question. Insane? Incompetent to stand trial? Really?

What’s going on at the White House? Is this a distraction? What bill is being hurried through? Is the president trying to keep Glenn Beck’s flame alive by giving him a position in his cabinet?

No, seriously think about it. We have a debt ceiling crisis, troops stuck in Libya, and the only things on national news channels are Casey Anthony, duck tape, and chloroform.


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§ 4 Responses to My Problem With Casey Anthony

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  • eurobrat says:

    I think this case received way too much attention as well. I tried to avoid it as much as possible and it wasn’t easy. We seem to enjoy getting distracted by stupidity. Nancy Grace had a good time with it.

  • Taylor says:

    It wasnt the act of her ,supposedly, killing her daughter that got her so much attention. It was her odd reaction to her child’s disappearance that had so many people tuned in. I think at any point in society when someone does something out of the ordinary it becomes a spectacle. Lots of women’s children go missing, sure, but its not often that the mother goes out partying after her child goes missing. If thats not enough to warrant my statement, then look to the Anthony Weiner ordeal. Lots of people send naked pictures. I mean TONS of people send naked pictures. So why did he get so much attention? Cause it is thought to be “out of the ordinary” for someone in that kind of position to do such a thing. Same goes for priest molesting boys. Men molest boys all the time but more attention will be called on the priest. Point blank, attention is gathered around things that go against ,what society thinks to be, the grain. Whether it be a mother partying after her child goes missing, a government official sending naked pics, or a priest molesting little boys thats how it goes.

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