Think I’m Having a Mild Asthma Attack

July 18, 2011 § 1 Comment


The first of many poems featured on Minds Alike from a favorite blogger, click here for the blog.

I think I’m having an asthma attack

….my lungs feel like I just ran for a mile and half

but I’ve been sitting here for half an hour

Is this what it’s like to drown?

Is this what a fish feels like when it’s wrenched from its watery home

Lungs burning, gasping gulping gaping eyes bulging desperate for air, for life

Praying for yours making promises to God and deals with the Devil

….I guess I’m not really suicidal

cuz at this point

faced with the reality of my very imminent death I’m fighting for survival,

suicide looks much less glamorous now

If I am having an asthma attack, it’s a much less serious one

Just aching, dull insistent pain

contracting of veins

suffocating lungs

I hope they don’t collapse

Like brick walls, bridges infrastructures friendships

I should be thankful for what I have

Stop looking a ahead and look down and around

I have love

I could have better friends

This is a personal problem

Kind of like dying

Pretty sure I AM having an asthma attack

so I’m writing this poem to keep my sanity inward and my panic away

I don’t want to die

Sanity through heartbreak, death sentences on paper planes and flowing from the ends of black pens onto paper sanity is my savior

At least I have an inhaler

I’m somewhat calm

Probably not gonna die

But I should maybe stop smoking

It seems to be bad for me

And I just decided I don’t want to kill myself.



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