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July 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Note: I misspoke. I’m for eliminating the Bush tax-cuts and not raising taxes across the board. For more info on the effects of the Bush Tax Cuts, click here.

My friend said that you can’t speak on what you don’t experience.

I want to reach the good side when I die though. I won’t say ‘heaven’ because no one has given me a personal account of it. Then again, I don’t have a personal account of several things. So how do you get there?

I think the end is near. I can feel it, but what are you going to do?

Thankfully, Roland Martin made it simple you to contact our representatives.

The “end” I’m referring to may be the end of the world or this debt crisis.

Now, the media keeps reminding us that if America defaults, the world will basically end because, you know, the world revolves around America. Even MSNBC had a catastrophic image behind the text “Armadebtdon”. Um, OK.

As if the problem occurred last week or so, now Congress, and the White House, are scrambling and staying through the weekends to come up with an agreement on the dealing of the debt crisis.

Sure we are the “leaders” of the World and captains of the globe, but I’m sure the world can and will function if we default. Question: Why is it such a necessity to be the leaders? Better question: What exactly are the bases for being the world leader? Manifest destiny, again? Yes! We are the world leaders in military expenditures, ranking number 1 in front of China, spending 5 times as much.

I think the biggest worries of a default are the citizens.

The President, in his speech, said the government “would not have enough money to pay all of our bills — bills that include monthly Social Security checks, [and] veterans’ benefits.”

We are talking about social security checks being delayed, paying military personnel with I.O.U.’s, lack of veteran benefits, higher interest rates, and back-breaking taxes. Think of the military’s morale if they can’t pay for their child’s day care.

Uprisings, anarchy, rebellion! Maybe not. That’s just in my wishful thinking head.

So, what do we have? A little over 6 days until the August 2nd default deadline (that I don’t completely buy, but that’s another story) and we have still have no deal. Great. Speaker of the House John “No Brainer” Boehner proposed a “2 Step Plan” that was full of “common sense” and graced us with a 40-45 second or so speech.

Not entirely, but the plan proposed to raise the debt ceiling another $1 trillion and to vote on this same issue next year. Dozens of Republicans are against the plan and vowed to not raise the debt ceiling. Also, the president threatened to veto any short-term solution, Boehner’s plan, so we are stuck in the same place but with less time.

Thank you, Mr. Boehner. First, thank you for the speech and the presentation of your plan, and second, thank you for only “kicking the can down the road”, as the president puts it.

Also, thank you Mr. President for the speech the other night about…well, nothing really. Thank you for playing Superman and setting the classic stage of class warfare. The president is in support of a long-term raising of the ceiling and increased tax revenue.

Enough bickering. Here is my advice.

Raise the debt ceiling. Have a short and long term plan for controlled borrowing, simply raising the ceiling won’t fix the essential problem. Increase taxes across the board. Increase tax revenue is must, especially in the short term. It’s too horrible of a time to cut social security, medicare/medicaid, corporate taxes now, folks can barely find jobs or put food on their plate. Probably the majority of citizens disagree with the medicare/medicaid system and agree it is in shambles, but that means we fix the problem, not necessarily cut it.

Cut defense and cut it now. In the first couple days of our Libya intervention, we launched 110 missiles, each costing a little over half a million. Not to mention the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, costing us hundreds of billions. So when the same people who voted for the wars, tell us to not live beyond our means, or we must cut everything known to man, I squinch.

Ensure seniors, low income earners, that when they get sick, the government will care for them. Ensure they won’t have to dip in their 401k. The government is supposed to help the people, not slash their throats with outrageous cuts.

I want to hear the president’s plan on job creation. Not that stimulus idea that partly failed in my opinion, or any tired infrastructure talk.

A point, or chart, that is often over-looked is our federal budget pie chart. I love this thing. After analyzing, you wonder why welfare (welfare is not social security, medicare or medicaid), veteran benefits, education are always the first mentioned to be cut.

Well, the clock is ticking Capitol Hill. Whatever the outcome is, I want to be on the good side, fighting against you.


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