GOP Debate

August 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

Here we have it folks: our GOP field. What a field filled with variety and flavor. So many issues to touch on, but I want to highlight a few things. The debate was a big circus but here is a short recap.

The main theme for the night was to first bash the President before answering, if you answered, any questions. For scenario questions, you have to say you will do the opposite of what President Obama did. I must say Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann, and Ron Paul all impressed me. Despite my dislike for their policies, Bachmann and Cain are sure speakers, and can probably take on the President one on one, I am sure.

1. Islamophobia

Former Godfather Pizza CEO and Tea Party fan Herman Cain has said some kooky and offensive things in the past, but last night was just something else. To make it better, he was joined by a teammate, Newt Gingrich, to repeat the same things and a crowd to applaud.

Fear-based tactics at it’s best and crude language dominated the topic of Islam. Sharia Law is a common point used by conservatives to veil Islamophobia, justify intolerance, and win conservative, especially Christian, votes. Gingrich even went so far to compare Muslims to Nazis. Ha. I mean, you can not make this stuff up if you tried.

Despite Muslims in the military fighting and dying, Cain would put them through a purity test, assuring they are loyal to the Constitution and the country, before assigning them to his cabinet.

How about a spy camera, too?

2. Economy & Debt Ceiling

Nothing new here. Cut taxes, reduce spending, repeal universal health care law, less oversight. Get the ‘govament’ out of the economy’s hair! But, if anything goes wrong, the government should give us billions.

Lets take a step back and open our [whitewashed] textbooks and see the difference in actions between FDR and Herbert Hoover.

During the nation’s first depression, Hoover decided to do absolutely nothing, sit back, watch the the nation crumble and set up shacks then lost the 1932 elections to FDR. FDR came in with very radical solutions, got people back on their feet working, and literally saved this country from diving into hell pits.

Tea Party supporters and candidates were against raising the debt ceiling. Do nothing. That was Herman Cain and Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann proposal. Bachmann voted ‘no’ on the recent debt deal because she did not find it important to do…well, anything really.

My way or the highway.

3. Military Intervention

I have always liked TX Rep. Ron Paul. Paul, since the beginning, has been against all the wars. Last night, he stuck it to the man and dismissed the fear based politics, played by Rick Santorum and Bachman, about occupying Iran in fear of nuclear weapons. Paul said, “You’ve heard the war propaganda that is liable to lead us into the sixth war and I worry about that position. Iran is a threat because they have some militants there, but believe me, they’re all around the world and they’re not a whole lot different than others.”

Despite the fact we are in a recession (or a double-dip recession, depends on who you ask) and can barely pay our bills, Bachmann who voted to not increase the debt ceiling, said this, “…I will do everything [as President] to make sure that Iran does not become a nuclear power.” Everything includes occupying Iran? Sanctions?

More trillions of dollars down the drain. I simply just do not understand the logic behind this field.

Today, Governor Rick Perry decided to throw his small government, Texas sized hat into the ring and is set to officially announce his run for presidency.


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