From the Horse’s Mouth

August 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

The same ones that ran this country into the ground, are now telling you to sacrifice, and to living within your means. What about a fair compromise from the upper, middle, and lower classes? Why does the middle and lower class have to take the brunt of this pain?

Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, advises CEOs to quit sending political donations to Congress.

Warren Buffett, the 3rd most wealthiest man in the world and extremely successful investor, came out in a Op-Ed piece and told the “billionaire-friendly Congress”  that him and his friends have been “coddled long enough”, and to make them pay their fair share. Buffet has now been labeled a Socialist and incompetent. FOX News proposed that Buffet should just write the government a check and quit complaining.

But that’s the best defense, to label someone something they aren’t due to the fact they disagree with you. I call it the “third grade syndrome.”

You also often hear conservatives and Republicans proclaiming themselves to be real lovers of the country or patriots, as if their counterparts, liberals (or homosexuals, Muslims, minority groups) and Democrats, are not.

Most recent being, Texas Governor and newly announced presidential hopeful, Perry said his reason for running he wants to “make sure that every young man and woman who puts on the uniform of the United States respects highly the president of the United States troops don’t respect the President.”

During the Iowa GOP Debate, presidential hopeful Herman Cain reiterated his bigotry and ignorance, stating he would only assign a Muslim to his [imaginary Presidential] cabinet “if they can prove to me they are putting the Constitution of the United States first.”

What of Bill O’Reilly’s segment called “Patriots or Pinheads.”

For the millions of Americans that sit in their home, frustrated at life and the economy, unemployed, I want you to think about these upcoming elections. I want you to look back at the past and view what the President put in, and attempted to, place for you. Look at the dozens of proposals that was denied by the “party of no.” Look at the Republicans actions to keep you safe while you look for a job.

These are the same exact people who tell billionaires that disagree with their ideology to shut up, quit griping, and write a check. Of course the problem isn’t the explicit corruption in government, unfair tax form, or “coddling” of the rich.

I guess they don’t know the difference between charity and government mandated taxes.


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