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September 5, 2011 § 1 Comment

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Glenn Beck’s assistant host on his radio talk show (whose name isn’t worth researching)  vilified Samuel Gompers, the AFL, and said Labor Day is a “celebration of socialists”, and that the unemployed need to “get off their ass.”

Yeah, all you unemployed people need to get off your ass and grab all the jobs these companies are offering. Quit being so lazy.

But, Beck and his host aren’t the only crazy  ones. Many Republican candidates think this same exact way. Just gear up for the GOP debate this upcoming Wednesday.

In Other Psychotic News:

9/11 is coming up: The anniversary of the cruelest attacks on this land. Also, the anniversary of a “preemptive war” and American troops dying for little, it seems. The anniversary of the emergency $78 billion appropriated for Iraq and Afghanistan, all those WMD’s found in Iraq, and $1.2 trillion spent so far.
While they give an emergency $78B for the military, we have some politicians that want to withhold money from FEMA. (See: Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor)
Wikileaks cable showed, in 2010, still no WMD’s were found. That’s the main reason Bush Jr went to war and we still have people dying, all in the name of patriotism, or whatever they call it nowadays.
That’s why we gotta wipe out all those *Mooslims* because they are trying to take over the world, they blew us up, and they aren’t loyal to the constitution (See: Herman Cain and the GOP Debate). They are trying to establish an Islamic state in the Middle East (and in America too if you, again, ask presidential hopeful and Tea Party supporter Herman Cain) like we’re trying establish a Christian national state over here, but we’re much different.
We gotta scare the people into believing *Mooslims* are the enemy, and we gotta watch ’em super hard, follow McCarthy steps because we love him. Because we all know *Mooslims* are the only ones that kill their wife and children, and of course their religion is the reason for it all, and since we disagree with their religion, they are the enemies.
So maybe the terrorists and extreme pundits are right: it’s a Jihad. It’s a holy war! Ideological difference! And bombs change ideology.
Despite the President decision for minimum interference in Libya, the Right, lead by Arizona Senator and 2008 Republican nominee John McCain, trashed him for not sending out the Air Force. Are these people sick? First theybitch and complain about cutting spending, then they propose to send out a whole Air Force.  No U.S. troops died, $1 billion spent (measly in Pentagon dollars) still, let’s trash the President for not taking the initiative and leading NATO.
Let’s rush to kill a man we almost gave $2 million to a few months before the attacks. A man we’ve shown support for, for decades. President Obama very recently wanted to give Libyan Pres. Gaddafi and his administration $2.5 million,before the attacks, but this started with Clinton, and re-continued with Bush Jr.
America, if you didn’t know, has a weird foreign policy.

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