MSNBC GOP Debate and Obama’s Job Speech

September 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

The MSNBC GOP debate was quite boring. No one answered any questions, and if they did, it had to do with bashing the President and/or his job creation failures.

These are the few alternatives of the 8 candidates for 2012, ladies and gentleman:

Mitt Romney. Romney is an interesting man whose foreign policies I totally disagree with. Also, while governor of Massachusetts, Romney signed in “Romneycare,” which mirrors “Obamacare,” and has also received much praise from the Left.

Michelle Bachmann. She hates big government but her business took in $137,000 in Medicaid payments. This translates to, “do as I say and not as I do”. Now, in this case apparently, entitlements (oops, didn’t mean to use that word) are good! During the last debate, she warned us of a “nuclear Iran” and China. This debate, Romney included, she proposed sanctions on Iran.

Herman Cain. He’s the specialist in bashing the President but the numbers don’t add up to his sermons. Cain, Tea Party avid advocate, is former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza chain and claims he can fix the economy but the numbers tell a different story.

Rick Perry. Perry leads the nation in executions by far, having over 200 people killed, have one questionable. A panelist posed a question and before he could speak, the crowd gave his execution record around of applause. How bizarre.

These are the alternatives, folks. If the President loses in ’12, these are your alternatives. Choose wisely.

I’m tired of hearing the President speak, though. It seems like he speaks every other month. We get it: you’re an excellent orator. Thursday he gave the long awaited jobs speech and presented the Jobs Creation Act.

Speaking of God, remember when huge part of the Religious Right said Hurricane Katrina was His punishment for Louisiana’s demonic activities? Texas wildfires? Maybe this is a sign? Maybe God is punishing TX because Perry used his name in vain and for his own political purposes. Seriously.

As God told Christopher Columbus and the Crusaders, He told the former President to go to war and kill people. Former President Bush Jr. said God told him to go to both wars (click for video); I wonder what else God told him.


On September 6, I tweeted my Jobs plan and felt confident it wasn’t too far from the President’s. Here are the tweets below:

“Cut small biz taxes and give em very few hiring incentives. Another stimulus, about $500B stimulus ($300B less than the last one) +”

“including few weeks of unemployment benefits, few food stamps and mostly infrastructure. I’m spending $300 less than his last one in case +”

“you think it’s too much spending. Don’t give banks a dime. Decrease military spending for this and last yr by 40%, not 1% like the debt deal”

“Bang. Wouldn’t have to bicker for weeks about ratio of cuts to spending. Fantasy land.”

The few replies dealt with my punishment if I were to propose defense cuts.


Of course I liked the President’s speech, he’s an excellent orator, even though I personally think it’s for PR. His job approval rating has been dropping since July. He touched some topics I loved: extending unemployment benefits, deregulation, a fairer tax code, cut small business taxes, and infrastructure spending. I’m especially happy he didn’t say anything about giving banks more money or giving broad tax cuts.

It all sounds good, but I must ask, how will we pay for this $447 billion Job Creation Act?


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