9/11, 10 Year Anniversary

September 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

What do you think about when you hear “9/11”?

I’m tired of thinking about the people that died in the New York buildings and Pentagons. I’m tired of thinking about running home in 4th grade because I thought the buildings were near me. I’m tired of all that.

I’m reminding us to stop mourning. How much longer can we mourn before taking action against the war? All the images and videos of people dying will not soften my heart to sympathize with the victim’s family. Tears and grief are no longer present in me.

I want to focus on former President George Bush Jr., who remained in the classroom after being told, “America is under attack.” I want to focus on how privatized and lucrative the military is. I want to focus on all the millions former Vice President Dick Cheney is making from Halliburton. I want you to focus on how we decided, mostly a bi-partisan effort, to enter Iraq and Afghanistan with absolutely no exit plan. I want you to think about all the propaganda and mind games the administration played (yellow ribbons, Patriot Act…you are a patriot, aren’t you?) with the help of the press (even NYT) and the media.

Well, you can keep your yellow ribbons, and you can keep your blood money.

I want you to look at the other side’s perspective. We are killing their innocent children, wives, and clerics, in search of a group of people that bombed us on September 11. Who exactly bombed us, for one, and once we find them, what is their punishment, and when do we leave their captured spot? Who knows. We found no WMD’s in Iraq, in fact a Wikileaks cable showed in 2010, we still have found no WMD’s. We overthrew Hussein, a man who wasn’t the focus

How long are we going to mourn? 10 more years? How long will we say, “Man, we sure do need to leave the Middle East alone” before demanding it to our leaders? Even our own Army Chief of Staff warns of an “occupation.”.This Middle East-American beef is plenty of dozens of years old and didn’t begin on September 11, 2001. We are fighting an un-winnable war and we must move collectively to dethrone our Senators and Representatives who think otherwise.

For example, TX Senator John Cornyn voted for an emergency $50 billion to send to help Iraq but just last week during Hurricane Irene, he and Rep. Eric Cantor said we first must offset any FEMA spending with cuts. They wanted us to sit and wait and watch them bicker (like the debt deal debate) over where to cut, before calling on FEMA. Even in his own home state, Cornyn denied any FEMA aid to stop the record setting wildfires. Does Sen. Cornyn have short memory?

So, what will you do today, during this 9/11 anniversary? 

Editor’s Note: While writing this post, I just discovered FEMA has finally authorized funds to help Texas. Also, I must take time out to recognize the 73-membered Out of Iraq Caucus and California Rep. Maxine Waters speech in 2005. Sad her speech still rings truth 6 years later. Lastly, sign the War Costs petition and browse the site for more info on defense spending.


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