Occupy Wall Street to Occupy Dallas

October 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

From the ashes of the Arab Springs arose Occupy Wall Street and the upcoming New Years Revolutions from across the pond.

Occupy Wall St. began (I won’t touch on the doubt and criticisms by folks, especially on the Left, for the lack of organization and demands, the decision to start on a Saturday, and other logistical errors) on the the 17th of September and is still happening, to many critics surprise. The 1st day’s occupation brought out over a 1,000 people, and is still growing.

What critiques fail to understand is that we are tired of the corporate control over our representatives. We are tired of the rush and urgency to save corporations, and the lethargic and minute acts to save the working and non-working people. We are tired of the bickering in Congress, the delay of FEMA aid, and the non-beneficial millions spent a day overseas.

I think this is an enough reason to demonstrate on the streets. How long will you pout about conditions, before rising up?

The nation was inspired and challenged by the courageous acts of Wall Street and we, the People, decided to take part of a revolution, and let our voices be heard.

Odd enough, Occupy Wall St. didn’t reach mainstream media until footage of an officer pepper sprayed innocent protestors.

Does it take violence to capture mainstream media’s attention?

OccupyTogether.org is the (maybe) site and lists all the occupations across the world.

Dallas stands in solidarity with the nation, and we are calling on the 99% to stand and fight against corporate greed, this oligarchy and plutocracy of a government, severe austerity measures, and whatever else you are fed up with.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OccupyDallas

Twitter: @OccupyDallas

Lacking millions of dollars to lobby, we, the People, can only win the attention of the government by standing up and fighting. We will face resistance from the Protectors of the State (POS), and criticism at every turn, but, as Brother Malcolm X puts it, “By any means necessary…”



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