Occupy Dallas – Day 9

October 15, 2011 § Leave a comment


Just a few days ago marked the week anniversary of Occupy Dallas and they ended up where they started – the Dallas Federal Reserve. To be sure, this 7 day old occupation wasn’t met without strife, commitment, differences, conflicts, and a group picture.

These struggles occur in any type of communal living no matter the size.

On the first day, the crowd  made out some 2,000 or so senior citizens, libertarians, hard leftist, preachers and priests, and Afro-centered organizations, media personnel, among other groups. Overnight, demonstrators counted no larger than 300 one night.

Everyone has contributed, some more than others, for there are committees for everything: protest, education, sanitation, to name a few. Like a city, the home base (Pioneer Plaza) , because it is a home, is fitted with a kitchen, library, media hub or tent, and even “occuPlay” daycare where kids can play and paint. Also, I can safely say virtually every decision has been a democratic one. This democracy is different from the one we see in Congress. There is no central face or figurehead and no one holds more power than another.

Despite the media’s coverage, Occupy Dallas is full of people that feel they have been left behind by society, forgotten by their government, and fired (to no fault of their own) by their employer. With stagnant wages unable to keep up with basic inflation (tuition, gas, food), these people have a right to be upset and demonstrate.

To throw gas on this flame, we have a lethargic government that refuses to respond to the 14 million unemployed persons. Instead, they focus on HR 358 type bills and invading Libya and Uganda.

The unfortunate thing is we cannot and should not depend on government to create jobs  in an uber-capitalist society like the United States. If so, the jobs will only be short term; think of the New Deal. I’ve read the Republicans jobs bills and, of course, the same solutions are offered. Though they may create jobs, it won’t fix the other grievances of the Occupy movement that are based around costs; ttuition, healthcare, corporocracy, etc. Costs is a reflective of wages. Generally speaking, do you see the wealthy upset at these things?

Their solutions might fix unemployment but not the way of life.

With this being said, Occupy must not entirely focus on banks and corporations but government accountability, too. Chants like “banks got bailed out, we got sold out” should be followed shortly by “who bailed them out?” (I know it lacks rhythm but the idea is there). The federal government is to blame for starting costly wars, destroying the middle class, and bailing out the banks.

The fact we have to pressure Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to investigate should raise  eyebrows.

But, this is not my movement. It’s the people’s movement and a democratic one at that. One is to put aside their personal beliefs and agendas for the sake of the group. Like a representative is to solely represent their constituents and put ideologies aside, a participant is to go along with the democratic process.

Though I’m a radical and joined for a revolution, it’s becoming apparent a revolution can come in different forms. Compromise isn’t a sign of concession but a sign of wisdom.

For more info, visit OccupyDallas.org, follow @OccupyDallas, and check Minds Alike Facebook page.


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