The Anti War Left Has Left

October 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

TX Rep. Ron Paul couldn’t have said it better, “the anti war left has left.” Though these words were said two years ago, still, with new military involvements, they remain solvent.

Where have they went?

I’ll tell you in a second.

(For a quick understanding of  our Middle East relations, The American Thinker laid it out clear, but  without touching on the Iranian Revolution and Saudi Arabia’s role around 1974)

With the new announcements of complete troop withdrawal from Iraq by Christmas, all praise is due to President Obama for fulfilling a campaign promise. On the surface, this is convincing, but upon further investigation, we should recant our praises and give them to the the Iraqi government for practically saying, “get the hell out of our land.” In one of his final acts in office, Bush signed a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) promising to leave by January 1 2012.

Party loyalty. The Left is scared to slam the President for caving in, bypassing Congress for wars (imagine the reaction if a Republican candidate did this), and playing the middle,

To name a few, Rep. Maxine Waters, Dr. Cornel West, Tavis Smiley, and Michael Moore have all been attacked for speaking out against the President.

This is the problem with the corporate-owned, slavery of a 2 party system: we have to choose a blood-thirsty from the Right or two-faced peace candidate from the Left. The Left is scared, and rightly so, of what the Right has to offer.

Just look:

Romney lays out the “real dangers that America faces if we continue the feckless policies of the last 3 years” and to fear the Mexican border, drug smugglers, terrorists, socialists in Venezuela and Cuba threatening a “region thirsting for freedom, and stability and prosperity,”  a nuclear Iran “which is a existential threat to Israel,”  Taliban reclaiming Afghanistan after NATO withdraws, the uncertain future of Pakistan armed with nuclear weapons, China (yes, even China) “intimidating their neighbors” and “building a global alliance of an authoritarian state,”  and last but not least, Russia who can threaten Europe with their energy resources,  and other “nightmare scenarios”in 2015.

I can’t make this stuff up.

On his 3rd point of the 8 point plan, Romney follows through with the former President Bush Jr’s “Bush doctrine” of preemptive strike: “…full spectrum of hard and soft power to influence events before they erupt into conflict” and “retain military supremacy to deter would be aggressors to defend our allies and ourselves” kind of like the Iraq War when Bush Jr. said they had WMDs. Remember that?

Another plan during his first 100 days in office, which includes nearly doubling ship production from 9 to 15 Navy ships a year, and prioritizing the full deployment of missile ballistic system, Romney promises to focus on building the economy and reversing the  “President’s massive defense spending cuts”.  Holding all things constant, the main focus should be jobs but Romney is more eager in largely increasing the military budget. Not that it’s large enough already.


I salute the President for following through with his promise but vehemently denounce our involvement in Libya and sending 100 non-combat, combat equipped (I know it’s an oxymoron but you would have to watch the House of Foreign Affairs committee hearing to understand. Also, there is no estimation on the costs of this deployment, even though troops are underway) to Uganda.

American foreign policy is very simple: to maintain oil-producing allies and to protect Israel. Building more ships, deploying more troops, and dropping more bombs will not increase our security but harm it and in result we the People will bear the brunt of the pain. Politicians don’t fight wars. Politicians won’t suffer from the domestic cuts to pay for wars. We need a fervent, non partisan anti war movement. The 99ers and Tea Partiers standing side by side, demonstrating against the bloody, lucrative, steadily increasing war machine which makes up almost half of our tax dollars. Better yet, we need a 3rd party and an actual anti-war President.


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