Boehner vs Obama. Who is the better actor?

October 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Sometimes, I sit back and think, “Could this be real or a play?”

“This” as in politics. The Congress. President. The big circus that has been occurring since the President Barack Hussein Obama stepped into office. I may be young but even my elders cannot recall events like this.

A Black man is the president and people cannot shake that. Whether or not you believe Obama is a corporate puppet, he won because corporations saw the high potential to back the first Minority president of the greatest country in the world. To break all odds. To spit in the face of ‘white privilege’ because at the end of the day: he won. By much even!

And white people cannot take this. They gnash their teeth! They demand to see his “free card” for they are not sure he is an actual “free man.” A black man that received his masters from Harvard, to Senate and now a young chap, fresh faced, now gray haired, President!  Not many can brag these credentials.

Trump have a chance to box it out with the President? Trump and Cain are in the same boat. Let me sit Trump down and have in depth conversation with him on foreign policy, the NASA program, or a topic of his choice; he will mutter and tell jokes like his clueless ally Herman Cain.

This country has gone mad for giving this man any sort of air time. That is why real political-heads give mainstream news (MSN) very little credibility or acknowledge its existence, truthfully. The airwaves are even filled with Dr. Conrad Murray instead of the Gaza Strip, Tunisia elections, Syria, AND THE NTC in Libya.

(To ignore the happenings on the Gaza strip for the past two weeks assures the common conspiracy that Jews own the airwaves and it is to no surprise Jews receive such strong hatred)

And that is why this whole thing is a big, manufactured show. The deadline is Thanksgiving for the super committee and the only thing they have agreed on is bickering.  Their duty is to cut $1.2 trillion from the federal budget by Thanksgiving and the following agreement was dismantled: 1) $1.2 revenue raise for $3 trillion in cuts (that’s a disgusting ratio. Have the Democrats bent that far back again? Would the President have agreed on that deal or would he have veto’d it?).

Call me insane or let me keep my conspiracy but I believe it is true. Once elected to any federal political office, they sit you down, draw your blood, and demand, “Sit your ass down and read over this script.” It only makes sense.

And now, House Speaker Boehner is going around saying he rejects the Jobs Bill because it increases government spending. Can you believe this? And the President is doing the opposite, accusing all of Congress (and not pointing out the Republicans for some odd reason. Maybe to avoid partisanship?) of not wanting to help the country. Even begging the wealthy to pay their fair share.

Either this country is as crooked as the anarchists say, rigged like the movies portray, or both.

Again, I say, call me insane or let me keep my conspiracy but I believe it is true.

To leave you in comfort: as for me, I’m just rubbing my hands, anxious for the next episode!

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