A Different Look at Foreign Relations

December 6, 2011 § 3 Comments

I have always believed in studying history; not only for mere interest but for learning purposes too. Studying history with the intent of learning also makes it less likely to repeat it, especially those times in history we wish to not repeat. Slavery, the Chinese Exclusion Act, denying a woman’s right to vote, McCarthyism, and 9/11 are a few moments in history I don’t think anyone wants to repeat.

With the exception of 9/11, these times in history were government-backed initiatives. We understand the other times in history; Whites didn’t believe non-whites were humans so that justified slavery, racism and xenophobia was the reason for the Chinese Exclusion Act, sexism denied women suffrage, and hard-left Liberalism explained McCarthyism. For 9/11, it is different (in my opinion).

All too often I hear the convenient and seemingly sensible reason for the 9/11 event was because “they” hate American principles (liberty, freedom, democracy, exceptionalism, etc). Not only is this reasoning dishonest but it’s doing a great disservice to the American people. It also completely ignores bin Laden letters (and our relation with him), the 9/11 Commission Report, prior and present relations with the Middle East and Iraq in particular, and our overall covert activity overseas.

If we really want to avoid another atrocity, it is vital that we, as a nation, have a frank conversation.

America is a meddling nation. Period.

While I enjoy freedom, democracy, and other American principles, and oppose injustice and oppression, I do not think the correct way to change a nation is by coercion. We cannot bring peace and freedom with drones. The two simply do not mix.

Over 40% of our tax dollars go to the military; how much more money should we sacrifice to senseless and avoidable wars? With very few politicians (and no president) taking the lead to cut the bloated military budget, how can we have a serious conversation about the deficit or the budget? The fact is we cannot.

It is vital we quit meddling with other nations like the Founding Fathers warned, quit supplying Western-friendly and Israel-friendly authoritarian dictators who oppress their people with American financed military, quit attempting to or successfully overthrowing leaders with our CIA, and quit being the police of the world. It is not our duty. It is not in the Constitution. And it has proven to be unwise.

Yesterday, a mainstream media (MSM) station spent the same amount of time discussing Tiger Wood’s win as they did discussing the missing American spy drone in Iran and its political implications.

We shouldn’t expect much from MSM.

As of recent there has been talk from several high American and Israeli officials  on the possibility of a strike on Iran for the suspicion of building a nuclear bomb. At the national security GOP debate (video segment here), only one candidate clearly said “no” he would not back Israel should there be a preemptive strike on Iran. The other candidates didn’t jump in as they usually do and as they did with the next topic of sanctions on Iran and no-fly zone in Syria.

Unfortunately, the President does not stay for questions after press conferences but I would love to know his position as well.

President Obama and the Congress should really re-think the steps we are taking in dealing with Iran for we are following the same path as former President Clinton and Bush Jr. A few days ago, the Senate unanimously voted for economic sanctions on Iranian Central Bank. Sanctions after sanctions, after sanctions simply will not help our relationship with Iran or anyone in the region. Another bill introduced in May, Iran Threat Reduction Act of 2011 (H.R. 1905), awaiting a House vote, includes a clause that reads, “No person employed with the United States Government may contact in an official or unofficial capacity any person that … is an agent, instrumentality, or official of, is affiliated with, or is serving as a representative of the Government of Iran.” How can this bill help possible improve Iranian relations?

Sanctions have foolishly become a default reaction but sanctions only hurt the people, who want freedom, causing them to toss their support to the government and kindling their hatred for America.

If the media will not present our relations with the Middle East, then the People will put a blanket over the region, as they already have, and determine it’s all bad. Let the People decide if another war is worthwhile after revealing the truth. Look at how public support halved in support for the Illegal Invasion of Iraq then vs. now.

Speak out. Ask questions. Don’t be afraid. Contact your representatives and senators and ask for their opinion and solutions on Iran.

The attitude against Islam and the Middle East and North Africa is still fiery 10 years after 9/11, which has turned patriotism into jingoism, already giving military action an emotional backing, disabling us to thoroughly think about the situation. Iran is not just some other Islamic, Middle East nation with an evil dictator we must kill. Despite what the media shows (and doesn’t show), nothing is that simple. And if it was that simple, it still does not justify an attack or backing a preemptive strike by Israel.

War is the health of the state

-Randolph Bourne

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