The Left Should Really Consider Gary Johnson

December 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson supports civil union, legalizing marijuana and is pro life. That is a few reason why liberals should support him. But support hasn’t caught on from, well, either sides.

Johnson is a self-described fiscal-conservative and social liberal.

Johnson recently left the Republican party and sought (and received) a nomination with the Libertarian party. With the rising number of Americans demanding a third party, one would guess Johnson’s pro-marijuana, anti bailout, and no government involvement in marriage would help him with the Left. And one would also think his small government, entitlement reform (the Left doesn’t like that) would attract those on the Right.

But where is the coverage? Johnson has only participated in two of the debates.

It’s can’t be the experience: Johnson served two terms as governor of Mexico, winning by a margin of 9% and participating in a few dozen debates.

Foreign policy? Johnson was against the Invasion of Iraq and the NATO involvement with Libya

Johnson is also against the Patriot Act and the border fence along the Mexico-U.S. border.

My conclusion is that America doesn’t want a third party candidate. We are contempt with the corporate owned, two party system, and are scared to even consider a third party. Not even bloggers mention Johnson – why?!

I’ve watched a few of Johnson’s speeches and interviews but would love to see him in more of the debates, concisely presenting his solutions to the country’s woes, but my hope may be in vain.

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