It Was Nice To Know You Ron Paul

December 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Since the re-emergence of TX congressman and 3rd time presidential hopeful Ron Paul’s racist, bigoted, homophobic, anti-semitic newsletter, that he supposedly didn’t write or weren’t aware of, many on the Left has stormed on a candidate that they essentially deemed unimportant and unable to win.

Ron Paul’s foreign policy of non-intervention is defined and concise, even more so than any Democrat and the President. A staunch critic of the war on drugs, Paul was asked during a debate if he was serious about legalizing drugs like heroine, and replied “How many people here would use heroine if it was illegal,” debunking the common fear of widespread use.

During the national security debate, Paul stated “the Patriot Act is unpatriotic.”

All these things make the congressman a seemingly attractive candidate. So attractive, liberals have hopped aboard the ‘Ron Paul Revolution’ ship, leaving the Democratic Party. Can you blame any liberal? President Obama extended the Patriot Act, had a troop surge in Afghanistan, wanted to stay longer in Iraq (thank God Bush signed an agreement in 2008 promising to leave; the Iraqi government wasn’t interested in extending the agreement), went into Libya, record number ICE removals, signed off on NDAA, and the DoJ targeted marijuana dispensaries, clearly infringing on states’ right.

I was once a supporter of Ron Paul but realized maybe his libertarianism may be too extreme after discovering he would not have voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 because he respects (private) property rights – another focal point of Libertarians.

Though I am not a libertarian myself, I had planned to vote for the Dr. Ron Paul.

It was nice knowing you.

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