Santa Clause Politicians Can Do It All

April 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hey, remember when the President promised 8% unemployment if his trillion dollar stimulus–almost a third of which were tax cuts–passed? The Feds pressed “print,” the money appeared, inflation occurred and a couple years later, unemployment is still not under 8%.

We thought we wouldn't have to pay for this!

Last month the unemployment rate dropped from 8.3% to 8.2%. To put it another way: 164,000 people left the workforce and 120,000 entered. Only in Washington is it a “success” when more people leave the workforce than entered. Gotta love that Washington math.

Then again this year he went around the country in a semi-campaign mode, championing his half a trillion dollar JOBS Act–this time paid for by a millionaire surtax–which included, among other thing, different ways to help the “99ers.”According to the Bureau Labor of Statistics, 9 percent of the unemployed were unemployed for 99 weeks, making them ineligible for unemployment insurance. Some proposed more unemployment insurance after 99 weeks.

Before that, to promote job growth, of course, Congress passed over 600 regulations to help jump start businesses.

OK, that was sarcasm.

But now the President is asking for more money with the Buffet Rule and before that in January the president requested a $1.2 trillion debt ceiling increase which the Senate approved and House voted against.

How come we can’t anything?

To be sure this is not a diss at the President or Congress. In fact, Mitt Romney endorsed Paul Ryan’s budget which only spends $300 billion less than the President.

If you keep up with my writings you would know I am not interested in that. I say the previous points to make a larger one: politicians make and break promises and are inept to fulfill most of them. The philosophy is off. In all, we should STOP voting for Santa Clause politicians.

But who can blame them? Politicians make a living off telling people what they want to do.

There is a reason the federal government’s role is delegated, limited and enumerated by the Constitution. The Framers ran away from an outta control government and purposely formed a federal government whose role is delegated, limited and enumerated. The Framers had the experience and foresight to understand the environment is way too complex and changing for the government to manage.

The 10th amendment reiterates the point that “the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” That very clearly means the federal government only has the power to perform its expressed duties.

535 politicians can’t, won’t and isn’t supposed to save the country nor be the central economic planner, not to mention saving other countries and being their economic planner. It isn’t designed to be that way. Does anyone find it weird that a large part of the voting population continue to put more and more trust in the prevailing belief that 535 politicians can solve it all?

Cure poverty, quail the Arab Spring, make education cheaper, lower gas prices are among the ever growing to-do list. We must realize most things are completely out of their power and 98% of things don’t require government action or programs.

How come people are so hostile to the free market system? Or state governments? Or private organizations and people? Surely we should lessen the federal governments powers and grant them elsewhere.

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