Stay away from strangers

October 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

Last week I wrote an article at Fidlerten Place called “Why can’t we peaceful people be left alone?” touching on my experience with Rep. Eddie B. Johnson and the daily confiscation of the taxpayers dollars to fund Social Security. I purposely published this on Fidlterten, headed by a liberal, to frame the debate on Social Security differently–between peaceful people who prefer to save for themselves and those who want to take other persons money to provide for others.

Hey…we can’t let SS folks have all the fun can we?

In the form of a horror story, fairytale for some, I wanted to expand a bit, on behalf of other Peaceful People, on the right to be left alone. Also, I mention Social Security a lot but to be sure I am referring to the vast array of other socialist programs, too.


Imagine walking down the street, maybe to a grocery store before Monday dinner, and a stranger dashes up to and offers you all sort of crazy, unbelievable deals. The stranger, akin to a dishonest, street hustler, spits out all of the services he’s offering–free of charge, too!

“Hey man, trust me. I can provide you healthcare, medicine, contraceptives, schooling for your young’n, even you and your wife’s retirement!”

You consider his offerings but instead turn it down.

After returning from the grocery store you run into this guy again. This time, he’s armed and dangerous. You look down hoping he won’t notice you.

“Hey man,” he repeats, this time in a more abrasive tone, “I tried to offer you all of these things earlier. Let me repeat them in case…”

You cut him off, “Oh, no thanks. I heard earlier and…”

“Oh no I don’t think you heard quite correct sir.” This time the stranger doesn’t look too inviting as earlier. His teeth showed as he rubbed his hands together.

If it isn’t too obvious, the stranger is the government. The differences between the government and the stranger is 1) government doesn’t appear as menacing, and 2) the government has the guns and prisons to punish the disobedient (whereby your possible exchange with hustler is voluntary).

For PP like myself who don’t want the hand outs, the others have one thing to rely on–force. Force! That’s it. Have you ever spoke with someone who supports programs like, say, SS? They usually are fervent on not allowing one to opt out of any programs. They can’t even be accepting to people who think differently. Fine, I say, have your programs but why must I, an individual capable of making his own choices, be apart of them? Why must I, an individual, fund them for myself? For others?

Because they, like most folks believe, an individual’s life must be managed, even PP, according to their plan, and they place the group–collective–over the individual. They genuinely believe ones life must be taken care of or else all of humanity will crumble. The crumbling of humanity may occur but only because it has grown dependent on Daddy Government to function. Indeed, Social Security is a major source (over 40% for most) of income for the elderly, according to their website.

Why aren’t either major candidates addressing the percentage of people who don’t want the programs they clamor over who can “protect” it best? One guy, Ron Paul, was the only candidate (unless there was another, correct me) who offerred a complete (other politicians give the option of keeping part of payroll. “Here, you can keep some of it,” isn’t the best option but meh) opt-out of SS for young PP. Unfortunately, like most issues, the debate is over how to “fix” and “protect” a program or service instead of ending it.

Thankfully for us PP, the stranger can’t force transactions and plans on us; if he could, it would truly be a horror story. In addition, we have the government to perform it’s primary duty in the event of a harmful stranger–protection. This Halloween, and every single day before and after it, the State is the true boogeyman, the supreme violator of individualism and choice.

The politicians and people are going to continue to force us PP to fund this scheme(s) so say no, dissent, etc. at every opportunity they offer you the goodies.

And to think, with all that talk about freedom and individual responsibility from the Republicans, and “choice” from the Democrats, they’d leave us alone.

Two major party candidates, scrapping over how to best force us, bug and harass us, and manage our lives–how frightening.

Happy Halloween.

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