Combating sexism against males in the military

January 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

Disclaimer: This is to be read with sarcasm. I am only furthering the argument of equality in the military. To be clear, I support women in combat roles so long as they pass the male version, of course, of the physical fitness test; and I only oppose discrimination in the public sphere.

I am happy about the strides this administration have made for military conduct, specifically repealing Don’t ask Don’t Tell, and now allowing women in combat roles. It is time we address the next stain in the armed services: sexism towards men.

Having trained with Marines, I’m tired of being discriminated against; I, on the behalf of other males, are tired of being discriminated against.

For example, women are allowed to run a whole 2 minutes slower in the running portion and do timed flexed arm hangs, as opposed to pull ups. Women requirements are obviously less demanding.

As an opponent of discrimination, I find it appalling other groups focused on combating discrimination in the work place have not addressed this. Where is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or International Labour Organization on this?

In addition to both sexes in combat roles, I hope Congress finally requires women to register for Selected Service. This should have been done before but now is the time.

There should be a single PFT, the male version, for both male and females to ensure equality. The single male PFT should be chosen to prevent physical standards from decreasing. Especially concerning women now in combat roles, this would ensure women are not held to lower standards than their now male counterparts.

To reject any of the above proposals would be to grant females with special privileges–bringing us back to sexism towards males. Everyone should be treated equally, and we can only ensure this by holding everyone to the same standards starting with the SS and a uniform (current male version) PFT.

It is 2013 and we must fight against discrimination at every turn, every corner, every sphere of life.

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