FOX news pimping war vets

October 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

Why am I watching such drivel anyway?

FOX news is pimping war vets plain and simple.

They will show for hours, ad nauseam, war vets protesting in D.C. because of the shutdown and the effect it has on them and other military members. FOX does this to show how they are on the “American heroes” side and the White House is against them. How on earth can you be against the “American heroes who died for our freedom and democracy”? If you are against them, you are anti-American and not a patriot. Thus, President Obama and the others are anti-American and not a patriot.

But FOX would never, ever, ever show war vets protesting against the wars FOX news (and other mainstream new stations no doubt) propagate. It’s not that FOX news isn’t aware of such protests–quite the contrary. News stations are aware of everything that occurs in and around D.C., the nation’s capital and political holding pin.

Like a pimp, also, FOX News say they care for and love war veterans but uses them to their advantage. Pimps only care for themselves and welfare.

Only a true hoe would believe a pimp’s lies.

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