My favorite TV series and more

December 31, 2013 § 4 Comments

This is out of the norm but I felt compelled to write about the slew of TV series I have been enjoying and others I’m speculating.

Last night I just finished season 5, episode 5 of the Sopranos and once again this show blows me away. Tony asks Carmela to not believe rumors surrounding the non-incident between him and Adriana, and Tony’s acting blows me away. But it is a bit more nuanced than this; what he is really asking is does she believe he would stoop to such depths as having sexual relationships with his nephew’s wife to be. After all of the scum Tony has done, Carmela doesn’t put it past him. Very touching scene.

After Junior wandered, an early sign of his Alzheimer, Tony and him have a short discussion about his immediate memory loss. Earlier in the episode during family dinner Tony felt he was disrespected by Junior’s repeated questions about his short lived football career as a kid. Because of this, Tony asks how come he only repeats the bad things about Him and not the good, and finally asks, to end the episode’s last scene, if he loves him.

Also I’ve been comparing actor Bryan Cranston’s character, Walt, to actor James Gandolfini, Tony. Which is the better character and who is the better actor? I honestly can’t say. Also, which show has better characters?–Saul Goodman vs Paulie, Jesse Pinkman vs Chrissy. Breaking Bad has the edge on characters, to me. Which lead character has a greater  complex?

I can’t wait for next season of Game of Thrones. “The Red Wedding” just ripped my heart apart, especially the killing of Queen Talisa and the little Stark in her. Queen of Dragons seems unstoppable and her ambition is mighty.

I enjoyed the Borgia series by Tom Fontana. Thankful for Netflix, anyone is able to view this show on France’s Canal+ TV.


Portlandia is my most recently finished comedy. How it pokes at its hometown (and it’s rival, Seattle) is funny and can be a model for other aspiring TV series. Some of my favorite parts are the “I know John Doe, do you?” and, “have you read the new Times article? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.”

As far as in comedies, I’m on the Office now. After completing Always Sunny in Philadelphia, I’ve tried a few comedies to replace it. Always Sunny is irreplaceable as a show (how can you not like Charlie Day? and Sweet Dee?) for the record. In my personal opinion, I rank it up there with Martin, Will and Grace and Everybody Hates Chris.

The first Curb Your Enthusiasm episode was hilarious and I plan to start that after the Sopranos, while subsequently watching the Office.

I watched dozens of the Office episodes when I was younger through Hulu but recently decided to start from the beginning on Netflix. As I remember, the Office and Steve Carrell is just as hilarious now as it was years ago. The handheld camera is just so awesome, too, and adds a more real feel to the show, as if you’re sitting in the office yourself. The various relationships between the office, especially Dwight and Jim, are hilarious. Every episode leaves me dying laughing.

Lastly, on the comedies, I want to start Seinfield in the near future. Buffs tell me my comedy rankings will change after that. I remember Seinfield when I was younger but didn’t think it was funny. At. All.

Upcoming series

When the newest season of Always Sunny is available on Netflix, I will watch it in a hurry.

The addition of Angela Bassett on American Horror Story is a big surprise. The first season is the first thing on a screen that actually scared me a long, long time. The concept as well is impressive. Now that the second season is on Netflix, I plan to complete it soon. Dr. Arden and Dr. Thredson were interesting characters.


Failed and upcoming shows

Failed:  New Girl but after 4-5 episodes, I grew tired of the characters and Jess annoyed me. It is not a natural comedy. Another recommendation was Blue Mountain State. I was happy to see Sam Jones III again because Smallville is a great series but BMS didn’t do anything for me. It didn’t stand the test of time for a filler show but I remember I’m not the biggest fan of situational comedy. Walking Dead even though it is about self-governance. After 4 episodes I could no longer continue.

Upcoming: Downtown Abbey because of the surrounding theme and numerous events that happened in the 1900s. Arrow because of the cool poster and several recommendations from friends. Dexter. Season two of House of Cards premieres Valentines Day 2014. What an accurate display of the slimy capital; hopefully they infuse NSA spying into the next season,

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§ 4 Responses to My favorite TV series and more

  • seepurple says:

    I’m with you, can’t wait til Game of Thrones…the books are just awesome! Funniest show I feel, (after I started watching it) has got to be The Big Bang theory…sheldon rocks. *LOL* I’m hoping eventually Sheldon and Penny hook up. It would be so wrong but it would be a good laugh.

    • Mr. Bab says:


      I was told the books are great. While taking a vacay in NYC, I caught a GoT episode (the one where Dany liberated Yunkai and dragon cooked the king!) and was reminded how great of a series it is. Can’t wait til Season 4.
      I have caught a few episodes of BBT and liked it. It isn’t on my list though.
      Thanks for commenting!

  • seepurple says:

    If you like books…read Game of Thrones. The series only touches about 30% of the whole story. The way the author writes it I swear he flips a coin to decide the fate of each character which keeps you on your seat. I’ve lost like three of my most favorite characters *sighs* makes you want to throw the book at something…but then it’s like a bad horror story…you keep reading to see who’s actually gonna survive *LOL*..such a strange but interesting set of books.

    • Mr. Bab says:

      Only 30%?
      Sometimes I venture off into fiction and my most recent finish was the 50 Shades of Gray trilogy. I am interested in reading the Hunger Games trilogy as well; movies are great.

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