Blacks on TV, senior citizen discounts, White validation and other bad things

March 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

Thoughts on the social scene…

Every time I see a Black person on a news channel, I cringe. I know the type of Black folks news channels love–an Aunt Jemima type figure in distress, because White people love to play daddy to a distressed negro; a thug, perhaps to maintain the scary Black male media stigma; or a Black, accomplished person speaking of racism, special rights for Black people, welfare or something of the sort. Seriously . Just turn on the TV.

Today it was CNN speaking to a Black lady, a formal federal prosecutor, regarding a no hoodie rule. I don’t know where or why the rule is established but according to here it is a “racist and unconstitutional” law. Constitution. I still hear that word from time to time.

The last I checked, as owner of property, you decide on the terms by which inhabitants must adhere to. That is they luxury of owning property. You decide on the rules visitor must agree to. Never once have I visited someone’s house demanding they serve me a sweet vermouth because Lord knows I don’t want any water or juice.

My barbershop doesn’t allow sagging, and neither does my favorite cigar bar, those racist bastards. I need to consider boycotting those Black owned, racist businesses. On another note, I wish cigar bar played more jazz, too. A few clubs in Uptown denied my friend entrance because he wore tennis shoes. I can’t visit a gas station off of Riverfront Blvd or Polk without “no hoodie or beanie” sign on the window. Asians and Arabs, it is already understood are racist, indeed.

Where is the outrage for the War on Saggers or Tennis Shoe wearer?

She offered justification for the “no shirt, no shoes” but she speaks as if she herself can dictate the rules for property owners. But what can I expect from a Black person on a news channel?

Speaking of discrimination, military.


Speaking of discrimination, the reason such cases are overlooked as examples of discrimination is because they don’t match the government’s definition. It’s kind of like when a politician says he wants to “ask” us to pay more taxes or “cutting” the budget equates to a 10% growth instead of 15%. Or better yet, when he says he is but only a public servant striving to represent us and protect our interests. Anyways, the government has its own language to serve its own purpose and forces it upon us. Merriam-Webster be damned.

With that being said, senior citizen discounts are unfair. Aren’t we both humans to be treated equally? I want to enjoy free coffee and unlimited pancakes too. And Military! Skipping folks at airports and taking the free Jack Daniels bottles. How much special treatment does one need?

In other news, someone recently said to send a Hong Kongnese an email in Japanese would be offensive. I’m not sure (actually, I am) if he was aware the Japanese once occupied Hong Kong. But nonetheless how would it be offensive? Why are people, especially White people, held hostage by the politically-correct gun?

Should I, being of Yoruba blood, be offended if I received an email in the Ibo or Hausa language? I would respond like the Hong Kongnese email recipient: “What the hell does this mean?” Sounds more baffled than offended.

Actually, an email in Yoruba would receive the same reply, with the addition of a forward to my dad for translation.

Would an American be offended to receive an email in Vietnamese?

The lead Somalian pirate in Captain Philips. The race-baiting profiteers are out again, claiming the Hollywood capitalist racists (or is racist capitalists? have raped him for the salary of $65,000. Film production finance, certainly economics in general, isn’t their forte.

Lastly, this newly Oscar award winning actress, Lupita, who is all the new craze tickles me. Just last week, a very dark, thin, short hair women was considered ugly by the majority of the Black community. Like Tariq Elite said, is this a case of white validation? I would say yes.

Until next time…

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