Phones still scare me

November 24, 2014 § Leave a comment

Phone still scare me. This is something more likely to come from a Baby Boomer but not a 23 year old like myself.

After retiring my broken screen iPhone 4s, I made the long awaited purchase of the Galaxy 5. Imagine a Texan, alone, looking for the Apollo Theater–starting in Flatbush, Brooklyn–without a phone. Anyways, ’twas a great decision, and the GS5 is completed with a kick stand case and tint screen protection, and is used more as a TV than a cell phone. If it wasn’t for the obliterated screen, I would have kept the iPhone because it did everything I needed.

The alarm clock awakens me, sometimes; then I check the weather to determine my attire for the day and if I will work out; play Pandora while brushing my teeth and/or shower; read articles during breakfast and listen to different podcasts during commutes; use the GPS to find my location; text and drive, of course. We take for granted how easier life is with a cell phone.

During the above listed normal daily routine, I am doing all manner of other things too. These include sending emails, checking calendars, writing drafts, paying bills and making transactions, lurking on Facebook, Snapchatting, keeping up with Sons of Anarchy on Netflix, using Sportscenter app and following the money line (sports betting), etc.

(All on the same device!)

All of this brings me to the point of the post. The anti-capitalist rage on Facebook about the horrors of capitalism, using their iPhone 6+ no doubt (with the iPhone 6+ on backorder, maybe they are suffering with the 5c) but fail to question how said technology makes life easier. Surely none of them will claim, “Steve Jobs did nothing to make my life easier. He doesn’t deserve anything. He didn’t build that,” etc., you know the normal stuff.

Phones have increased our welfare by an untold amount. Think of it like this: you can buy plane tickets to the UK, reserve a rental car and hotel room upon arrival, then find the nearest fish and chips spot in a few minutes, and that is after you conduct last minute meetings using mobile Skype. By sea, a transAtlantic charter took days only 60 years ago.

This type of convenience and efficiency is monetarily immeasurable.

Hail technology!


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