Proper reaction to Eric Garner–hint: don’t be sad

December 4, 2014 § Leave a comment

The police who killed Eric Garner was not indicted yesterday. I’ve expressed my thoughts about grand juries, blue privelege and white privelege previously so I won’t go into that.

This will be a short post.

For the most part,  there are two major sides to the issue.

One side is upset,  in disbelief this can happen in America, sad and feel helpless as to what they can do about white and Blue (police) privelege, and racial injustices. I once, too, felt this way.

The task is so daunting,  that to go against the system feels futile. To take time to understand the system, because it’s certainly not taught in schools, is time consuming. To put one hands up, complain and disrupt highways is a preferred route for many.

But brother’s and sisters,  we are in 2014 and the time for action is overdue. It is way too late to be sad, feel helpless or other wise. Get your tears out now. That time has passed, and it’s time to be pro-active, to play offense in a game we are down 200-0.

One can play offense by addressing the issue as it is. The issue at hand is white supremacy, racial injustice and a complete disregard for black life.

One can play offense by participating in local groups and organizations that deal with changing policy, for example,  how police investigations are handled, or educating the public on how best to deal with law enforcement. The Huey P. Newton Gun Club, a black gun club that teaches it’s members to hunt, fish, etc., is a great example. In Dallas, attend the South Dallas Children Choir at the African American Museum on December 19 for the first New Black Wall St meet up. #NBWS

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One can play offense by recycling black dollars. Support black owned businesses and boycott the ones who support the system, like the bar in St. Louis who condemned the Stl. Rams, Fox New sponsors and #boycottExodusthemovie.
The Melanoid Nation has a comprehensive list of black owned business nationwide.  By having our own economic base, we won’t have to worry about support from the dominate society or funding for movements.  Too many are afraid to offend the dominate society because they depend on employment. Too often I speak to young black professionals and students who are scared to comment on anything because they depend on the dominate society.

There are more than enough groups in every city who fight to prevent unfortunate circumstances like this.

The other side proposes, to avoid certain circumstances,  for black folks to be quiet, be good, pull pants up, forgive, pray, vote, and say “yes sir” to every command.

These are the people who find every reason to not acknowledge the reality of the situation. They may be kind hearted and even empathize with the struggle but are misguided and blinded to the solutions.

These are the same people who warn us to not form an opinion until the video comes out or who suppose the victim must have been doing something wrong or to move to another country if you don’t like it.

Despite the fact your ancestors blood enrich this soil, have fought in its war and your taxes will still be taken when you leave, they shout, “Have you been to Saudi Arabia?” In short, they compare our relative freedom here to a 3rd and 2nd world nations.

Has America, land of the free, stooped that low?

You can come to that conclusion yourself.

If the defendants of the system are black, it is even worse. They advocate for black folks to revert to a second class citizenship (or do we even have to revert?) at best and a neo – slave at worst. “If XYZ just listen to the police they wouldn’t be in this situation,” they say. To use an extreme example, one must be mindful of the fact that even during chattel slavery were there enslaved and free men who defended the system.

Those black people can go hand in hand with Rudy Guiliani, NY Rep. “Eric Garner blame yo ‘ self” King, Ron Christie, Charles Barkley, Faux News host. Again, remember, the dominate society said vagrant laws, convict leasing, Jim Crow, etc. were not racist laws also.

Unsurprisigly, though, these same defenders of the system are quiet on 12 year old Tamir Rice, for the most part Eric Garner, Levar Jones for following the cop’s direction, Roy Middleton, 60, shot at 15 times after mistaken for a thief ,….they can’t label these unarmed, harmless victims as thugs like they did Trayvon or Brown so a new route is taken, like focusing on Rice ‘s parent.

In conclusion,  we must play offense. We are sleep because of MTV, video games and cars with AC. In other words the situation isn’t diar enough to to act on. Maybe when you or your friend is bleeding in the street will you come to terms that this monster, the nasty conglomeration of white supremacy,  blue privelege,  is out for us all.

Until next time…


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