What post – election means for police reform

June 23, 2015 § Leave a comment


Casey Thomas of District 3, Carolyn Arnold of District 4, Tiffini Young of District 7 and Erik Wilson of District 8 are the new representatives for south Dallas in city hall. Thomas and the latter two won their run offs last week.

On matters of police brutality and justice, Dallas Police Association-endorsed Arnold was virtually mute; Wilson, also DPA-endorsed, and Thomas held excellent positions, and Young, favorable.

How is this possible, you ask? I’ve wondered the same question for months. Does the DPA align with us–those who think the police-community dynamic has reached a level of no return? Or do they believe, with us, that police can never be trusted to investigate other police, their brothers in blue? I am pretty sure the DPA does not align with what many of us regard as justice.

Did the aforementioned council members play us with false promises?

Only time will tell what this means for advocates of justice and liberation from a force that can only be described as a thorn in the side to some and a life-threatening, ominous presence to others.


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