Dallas DA Susan Hawk back in pysch hospital, privelege and choosing your devils wisely

May 23, 2016 § 1 Comment


Skin, hair and eye color of privilege.

I don’t normally write out of frustration but this is one of those times. As promised last year, I told ya’ll I would follow this office.

Last week, the Dallas County District Attorney Susan Hawk “relapsed” as the as the news initially described it.

What does “relapse” mean exactly? Did she check herself in to rehab? Is she back on the pill popping train? What is the length of THIS relapse? Will she resign? These questions were left unanswered but I decided to help myself out before the news updates and over the weekend. Follow me…

Relapse means that she has not been at work and the media just discovered.

Her staff, that is, public employees, known for covering her absence (read: lying) for weeks at a time, released a 107-word press release. Click here to read.

Can any of you disappear from your job for weeks? If you work in the public sector, please answer this: What was your experience after disappearing for weeks? Were you accepted back? How about requesting off for weeks? Was that approved?


Her clinic costs, or the price of privilege and freedom. If you are poor, she sends you to jail.

This is Hawk’s second relapse since winning election in November 2014.The first time she left for two months. She may return after the NBA finals but we don’t know as of this morning. During those elections, we also discovered she was/is extremely suicidal and her previous hospitalizations for drug abuse.

Lastly, my sympathy for Hawk does not extend past her well-being and neither should it for you. Do not be duped by the waves of emotions by her apologist we can expect in the coming weeks.

There was no sympathy for Jason Harrison (I wrote about him HERE), who suffered from bipolar schizophrenia, or his family when he was killed in front of his grandmother. Like all cases across the country, those officers got off scot-free and Hawk agreed with the jury, stating her office saw no problems with the city’s first killing caught on an officer’s chest/lapel camera. So much for having hope for cameras on cops…

There is no sympathy for people caught with marijuana, a schedule 1 drug. Last month when Dallas city council voted against trying the cite and release citation pilot program (citation instead of arrest for marijuana possession > 4 oz; the charge remains), she found time to peak her head in the office and told prosecutors to go against national trend by tightening marijuana prosecutions, meaning to stop cutting deals with low-level, nonviolent  offenders. Read more here. She and the black council men and women see eye to eye when it comes to the Drug War.

It should now be abundantly clear to everyone that DA Susan Hawk is and has been unfit to serve the public in this position. Hawk and her circle knew about her severe depression and suicidal tendencies beforehand, making her and her circle of lawyers habitual liars on the taxpayers’ dime and watch. This is not to say a mental illness should disbar you from working. For example, millions of people are depressed and take medication. This is to say that she is unable use her full faculties to make a judgment, she is too unstable, she can NOT be trusted to make a sound judgment, and her recurring behavior is too costly in fiscal terms and personal lives.

The chief law enforcement office is not the place to get your life together. Hawk should resign before she hurts herself and, more importantly, the 2.3 million others she presides over. I will, begrudgingly and excruciatingly, take whoever Governor Abbott appoints.

Is the devil you know really better than the devil you don’t know?


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  • Zen says:


    Anyone that needs extended time off from work is protected under FMLA and depression is real and she went to the http://www.menningerclinic.com/ clinic in Houston which does NOT take insurance. I have depression and I can’t afford to go there since they don’t take insurance but they are by far the most extensive I’ve seen out here. You can get pre approved through insurance before going by another doctor.

    They not only treat you but look for other underlying illnesses that may be causing the symptoms and offer a host of other services in one location. I knew when she got out the first time it was too soon because they always do that at these places because I know first hand. Sometimes you have to fight to get more time if your insurance will extend it!!! and there are millions of people w depression/anxiety that go to work every day just like me.

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