The blue ghost who killed Freddie Gray

July 27, 2016 § Leave a comment


It felt like just yesterday Freddie Gray spine was broken in a police van. Every time a verdict comes out declaring a Race Soldier not guilty for killing us or a police officer for making a mistake, it feels as if not much time passes between the murder and now. The next month in April 2015 we discover video of a terrified Race Soldier Michael Slager shooting a fleeing Walter Scott who was 20 feet away, and 8 times. Sandra Bland was killed a little over a year ago, believe it or not. That is life for the average African-American, one long blurry movie of struggle after another.

Perhaps you can follow a legal blog or site for the charges and analysis of her prosecution, like whether the charges were proper and could stick or if she moved too quickly.  I am only writing this to further the discussion around Black Faces in High Places.



Even white people know…

After Freddie Gray was “discovered dead,”  someone descended from the heavens, a god-like creature that might have well been sporting the above shirt. It was a black woman but not just any black woman. A fierce black woman, I recall many saying – and a Delta to match! –  to finally give us what we have longed: justice. Marilyn Mosby and her husband and city councilman Nick Mosby were featured on different “black media” (I use that term lightly) outlets as a power couple and videos of them dancing and family photos melted the hearts of many. How they are a power couple, we are told, is because they are in public service. She is a Delta and he an Omega, hence the fierceness. She is attractive, also, which added to her magnetism and likeability. In all, Mosby won Black America.

Winning Black America, a segment of society relegated to the loser category, isn’t a tough task. Black America has THOTish ways, in that it requires little attention before trust is gained, only to be later screwed. It is the THOT who actually thinks what they have going on is real. You can be fierce like Mosby, soft like Obama, play like Bill Clinton and dance like his wife, and most recently, just wear a red jacket like Marcia Fudge, the new DNC chairwoman, and win over Black America. Black America’s Happy Hoop is a 6 feet tall basketball goal. I hope you get the point now.

She had won Black America but Black America had not yet won. Never letting a loss get in the way of happiness, Black America had already celebrated. Damn the verdict. “She’s Black!,” I was informed by someone.

Mosby came out fierce, indeed, I recall, and the heat was on, as the racists and law enforcement community together wanted her to step down. Mosby’s image remained stern, giving us hope, but not fierce enough to not scare her haters, who was hell-bent on telling us that the laws of motion didn’t apply to Gray. Like Eric Garner who choked himself out, the white supremacists don’t care about making sense; it is your word against theirs and YOU don’t have the muscle to back up your word.

One behavior that is dangerous and should cease as of today is the celebration of Black Faces in High Places (BFHP). BFHP is a proven formula from coast to coast. BFHP is ideal because it is visually deceptive by placing black faces in public positions. Nothing is more pleasing than the thought of Lady Justice being Black, or a President, Attorney General, Mayor, council man and woman being Black. Baltimore had a black mayor, police chief, judge and three of the suspects were black. BFHP is on the flip side is a major let down. It is a cruel joke played by the white supremacist who are aware of the limits. We satisfied the voting-apologist and Black bourgeois requirements by electing BFHP. Go and ask those “shut up and vote” people what is the next step if black politicians can’t secure anything for us.


Depending on your expectations, today was a let-down. Six killers are back on the streets. Mosby couldn’t prosecute even one of the six. Maybe she never had a chance in the first place, being that we are, after all, in a system of white supremacy which overrides any other system we supposedly operate under – democracy, republic, capitalism, etc. A charge would have been a blow to white supremacy. At the end of the day, law enforcement IS the State, and Gray is just an expendable citizen.

Who killed Freddie Gray? The coroner ruled it a homicide, citing his injuries mirror that of deliberate slamming. We could say a ghost but that would be disrespectful to ghosts, who serve a useful purpose in our society. The Blue Wall of Silence killed him. All of the so-called good cops who stand behind and help construct that wall killed him.

Let us use this as a lesson: Black people are not qualified to celebrate anything because of the lack of work and focus we’ve put on the problems. Watch this video (HERE) for a better understanding.


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