What are we to make of Dallas police dept’s reply to protestors demands?

August 19, 2016 § 1 Comment

Apart from allegedly wrongly accussing Marc Hughes of the Dallas police shooting, not apologizing, tweeting his face to the world to receive death threats from racists, the Dallas Police Department has made blunders of itself, most recently announcing what can amount to a plea for folks to limit protests and civil demonstrations, effectively curtailing the first amendment.

If you know Chief Brown, you know he is full of shit. When people had legit grievances against the department, he said get out the streets and to join the Blue Wall.  Last night that department replied to NGAN’s list of demands for police reform. NGAN’s founder was arrested at City Hall after giving a press conference listing their demands.

I think I have the duty to clarify some of the replies to the demands and the policies therein. Demands are in bold, replies in italics.

  1. Abolish the 72 hour wait after an officer involved shooting.

Effective immediately, every officer will be provided the same legal rights as any other citizen who is the subject of a criminal investigation.

How amazingly tragic it is that police officers had to be killed and organizations had to protest year after year and individuals arrested and records ruined in order for them to believe police officers should be treated as any other citizen. This is great news though everyone including myself is waiting to see that policy on paper. Twitter screen shot

2.  Dallas Citizen’s Review Board with subpoena power

Any changes to the Citizen’s Review Board must be made through the City Council.

Some of the councilmen and women like C/m Thomas and c/w Young in the past supported this power but nothing has come to fruition yet.

  1. DFR respond to CIT calls with DPD

The Dallas Police Department and DFR are working on a new policy where they both will respond to CIT calls.

CIT is a Crisis Intervention Team that responds to mental disturbance calls. I previously wrote about the recommendations made to the county concerning the problems that come up when mental  health and Lew Sterrett cross, and how law enforcement agencies should respond to mental crises, and the new weapons like sponge guns.sponge

  1. “Deprioritize” enforcement in consumption of alcohol on the streets, possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct, criminal trespassing, littering, disturbing the peace, and spitting

The Dallas Police Department is sworn to enforce the law to protect citizens.

Lew Sterrett is having a problem keeping their daily jail population low, primarily because of the aforementioned criminal offenses, many which are a result of homelessness – the city’s everlasting thorn in its spine. While DPD can’t decide what to enforce, elected officials can control the state laws and city officials can decide the level of enforcement and punishment. As of now, both the county and city officials are pro drug war but are working on a homelessness solution, as evidenced by cottages in South Dallas and Deep Ellums borders and the newly formed city commission. Lastly, needless to say, this arrest rate has become a budget issue for the city.

  1. End police department quotas, tickets, and arrests

The Dallas Police Department does not have, require, or suggest a quota for officers for tickets or arrests.


  1. Review the police department’s use of force policy

The Dallas Police Department continuously reviews the Use of Force Policy and will make a copy of the policy available to the Next Generation Action Network.

Suspected Race Soldiers and Bad Cops Andrew Hutchins and John Rodgers did not follow the UOF Policy before killing Jason Harrison, were not punished and are back on the streets, preying on the next victims. Bobby Bennet shooters were not punished either. More officers can be named but my position is that despite the department’s stance, individual officers consideration of UOF has a negative correlation with the amount of color in the individual’s skin.

  1. Review the police department’s community policing

The Dallas Police Department is nationally recognized as a progressive community policing organization. The department continuously reviews its community policing efforts and will make a copy of the programs available to the Next Generation Action Network.

Coffee with Cops and Hooping with Pastors is not progressive. McDonalds coffee and the Coon Ministry circuit is not progressive. I don’t think all of the involved parties are coons but people like Concord pastor Bryan Carter and Councilwoman Tiffini Young, for example, should think about the politics behind participating in such events. Providing comprehensive stats on officer involved shootings should be applauded. DPD’s handling of complaints should not.

  1. Require “racial bias” training

Dallas Police Department currently requires all officers to be instructed on Fair and Impartial Policing; Police Legitimacy and Procedural Justice.

If you are raised white, you are likely racist. If you are raised white in America, you are probably racist. If you are raised white in Texas, you are more probably racist. That is the harsh truth and a tough pill but racism is more harsh. So a racist white person with a gun  and a legal authority to kill, who has never been in a fight or had to deal with non white person spells disaster. District 7 candidate Hasani Burton  once suggested a system used in other parts of the county to weed out and better the racial bias of applicants before becoming officers.

  1. Prohibit use of municipal/federal funds to purchase military equipment

The Dallas Police Department does not purchase military equipment. The department does purchase protective law enforcement equipment for police officers.

This is their attempt of labeling urine “rain.” The DPD can and has requested grants from the state for what regular people consider military equipment and he considers “protective law enforcement equipment.”

  1. City ordinance to require audio and video technology to be used by officers with a clear policy regarding its use

The Dallas Police Department has clear policies regarding the use of audio and video technology by officers. The City Council passes city ordinances.

The policies are clear so I do not think was a clear demand.

  1. Allow activists free access to body camera and car video and audio

The Dallas Police Department will release all body camera, car video, and audio in accordance with state law.

You are required to submit a request to see any media. Specifically, media as a part of an investigation won’t be released until the completion of the investigation, which then you will be allowed to submit a request. With that being said, NGAN, I am sure is concerned about the grand jury to which the District Attorney decides what evidence to include, cam footage being the primary evidence.

  1. All officers are bonded and insured by a 3rd party insurance company so the city is not liable for “rogue officers”

The City of Dallas is self-insured.

Currently, officers and race soldiers are not affected when a citizen is killed, and the city (read: you, the citizen) is left with the bill in the event the victims receive a cash settlement after winning a lawsuit.  In many cases, race soldiers, like the ones who killed Freddie Gray, get back pay after the investigation. I recommend to require a liability group insurance that operates similar to malpractice insurance.

  1. The prioritization of hiring minority officers

For the first time in its history, the Dallas Police Department is a majority minority police department.

  1. No one has been held accountable for not using their body cameras or dash cameras

The Dallas Police Department has disciplined 32 officers for violations of the camera policy.

“Discipline” can be a 5 day suspension for killing children. This demand was not worded well so they got to skirt out of the real issue. The problem is, and they know this, is that race soldiers/bad cops are not criminally held accountable for their actions.

I don’t know what to expect next. Great job to the activists and organizations like NGAN, Dallas Action, MAPB, Campaign Zero, ACLU Texas for leading the fight for police reform in the city.

The powers that be are as pernicious as ever. As previously mentioned after the demonstration, Dominique Alexander was punished with old traffic warrants and sent to jail but is now on house arrest. Please donate to the support fund of NGAN’s founder Dominique Alexander by clicking here.


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§ One Response to What are we to make of Dallas police dept’s reply to protestors demands?

  • Ronnie W Cates says:

    This commentary stands to promote that every white person is a racist, yet does not define the role of the black man as being nothing short of saint hood. You want the DPD to excuse the minor offenses of being drunk in public, acting a fool in public, marijuana in public, disturbing the peace, or criminal trespass, At what point do you draw the line and say do not.cross. I grew up in the decades in which there was desegregation, I do remember what it was like in the sixties and beyond. And to arbitrarily state that if you grew up in Texas as a white person begins that you are probably racist is exactly the type of language that would incite racism, not only among whites, but all races. Your civil liberties are great until they infringe upon other civil liberties. As a white person and former police officer, I have been on more that several occasions been ostracized that when you break the law, somehow it is the white police officer holding down the black man. There is too much adversity in stating that choices you make in life are a result from being black, white, how your parents raised you, rich, poor, or suffering from some mental illness. While not lowering the case for mental illness, Choices that you make are yours and you have total ownership. Somehow stating that Whites should take classes in race relations, but blacks should not take those same classes is or any other race that should not be required to receive those same classes, again shows that racism is just a word being used as a weapon by races to gain an edge in negotiating terms to their advantage. I am not stating that racism does not exist, it is factual, it is present, and more unjust. Now I am just as perplexed that Chief Brown is now full of shit, Chief Brown is in the worst role of his career, in that if he sides with the existing laws and policies he is Uncle Tom, If he sides with black demands he is OBAMA.
    His policies and carrying out the laws in which he is under oath to do is exactly the line he should take and I strongly believe that if you or any others want to scrutinize every position that he and the City take, Step up to the plate and run for city council, join the Police department, or run for mayor. Serve your community in which you want to make a difference. Sitting on the sidelines and doing nothing but being a commentator is not very courageous nor is it full of honor and dignity.
    And by the way Mr. Alexander should have paid his tickets, or fought them in court if he was innocent, and not violated his probation. These are laws that you did not declare as being Deprioritized.

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