Why it doesn’t matter if “white” people once lived in caves

August 20, 2016 § Leave a comment

In a system of white supremacy where people of color lose on a 24/7 schedule, wins are often manufactured. They have to be. “Manufactured” as in created from nothing or created with the materials around you. For example, Black people think Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill is a win but ignore the fact a slave owner will also share that bill with her. (On a sidenote: the new $20 bill is a microcosm of life; black faces in the front with the master in the back controlling everything.) Such so called wins are necessary, I think, to maintain a level of sanity and confidence building, similar to Negro spirituals during chattel slavery. Just observe how Cowboys fans are actually celebrating pre season wins.


A lot of Black people engage in this behavior. Subconscious happiness from seeing a homeless white man or “checking” a white man at a restaurant who accidentally bumps into you. Manufactured wins are just that – manufactured, unreal and stemming from nothing – and do nothing for Black empowerment or White supremacy.

In Freudian psychology, displacement is an unconscious defense mechanism when a person shifts his/her impulses from an unacceptable target to a more acceptable or less threatening target.

It doesn’t matter if white people once lived in caves, were incestuous and wasn’t aware of the art of bathing. NONE OF THAT MATTERS. But lets take a step back and say for 24 hours only, IT DOES MATTER.

Ok, from that argument, how is that those backwards people now DOMINATE the world? What does it say about the people who were Kings and Queens at the time that backwards, stinky, cave people could somehow dominate? How is that the holders of fancy linen, silk, diamonds, rice and were DOMINATED by cave people?

Neanderthal cave boy2

Were the cave people, after all, smarter than the colored people of the universe? Could it have been that they preferred to live in the Caucasus Mountains to get away from the majority colored population of the world?


Bragging about this stuff is a manufactured win. Not only does it not matter, it makes people of color, especially the ones who brag about royalty, LOOK REALLY BAD. You now look to THEM for toothpaste; you now look to THEM for baby milk; you now look to THEM to watch and educate your children; you now look to THEM to approve you for a car; you now look to THEM to grant your uncle mercy in the courthouse; everything you do involves THEM, hence the term WHITE SUPREMACY.

Stop bragging about something you didn’t contribute to and BUILD YOUR OWN. Then brag.


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