Average black Oak Cliff resident is clueless

October 20, 2016 § Leave a comment

Follow up from previous article titled, “10 takeaways from Attorney General visit to Dallas, cop-politics as usual, #LynchingDallas Day 1 of 2”

Yes, I said it. The average black resident in southern Dallas is clueless about what’s really going on around them. That average is also the majority. Completely clueless. Most aren’t aware of the planned deck park nearby the Dallas Zoo, aren’t aware of the equestrian park near 175 Hwy, don’t know what “equestrian” is, and can’t locate Trinity Groves. Don’t believe me. Try it for yourself. Go to Redbird Mall or West End taking the blue, greed or red line south or ask the black person watching your child at day care or the desk agent at Planet Fitness or Williams Chicken, and spark up a conversation with any black person about local government. The odds won’t be in your favor.

Let’s skip past the emotion knee jerk reaction and think about this for a second. Most Americans are clueless about the federal government. Ask your co worker about their congressman/woman. Wait for it…then their councilman/woman…

Whether it is a lack of time, indifference, or trust, most Americans don’t involve themselves with politics and voting. With the exception for District 3, the May 2013 turnout for southern Dallas was ≤ 5%.





1) I am classified as “black,” 2) I grew up and still spend a large amount of my time in southern Dallas, 3) and I spend half of that time with average, 9-5PM or 2-10PM working, poor black Dallas residents…I am qualified to make that claim.

Dallasite’s show off the city’s trademark skyline. We stood in awe at the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge taking you into West Dallas. What a great structure huh? Trinity Groves restaurants. But clueless as to what exactly the development means for them and the next generation. Hell, that Burguesa Burger is definitely a top 10 burger spot in the city.  In that same area, literally a few people of the company HMK Ltd own the shelter of 400 families. They decided overnight, apparently, to kick out the families, giving them Halloween as a deadline. 

Trick or treat.

The city appears to be in panic. Not for the tenants situation, of course, but for public relations. Gentrification isn’t supposed to look bad. Poor people aren’t supposed to be kicking and screaming like this when the hammer comes down. Like the homeless, out of sight, out of mind!

PR/propaganda has and will always been #majorkey. Most recently, the country praised former police Chief David Brown for, we are told, leading the nation on community police relations. I digress…

Oh yeah…about the tenants, the victims in this ordeal…they are in panic, too. Representatives from the country of Mexico came here to offer legal counsel to their Spanish-speaking comrades. Mayor Rawlings provided more lip service, assuring tenants of their rights and stuff.

But you, you my African American reader…you have no such equivalent. No nation will or has the incentive to come here and save you in this event. Sure, there are some groups and individuals wholeheartedly working your behalf. But read what I said above: a few people decided to kick out 400 families. Do you own your home? Mortgage?

None of the amenities you see were built for you. Not the ones in the future either. Gentrification is going on.

Furthermore, no one near…like your black local officials…or far…like President Obama, Jessie Jackson, or your black attorney general…will save you. If you are not familiar with the term “benign neglect” LOOK IT UP!!!! We are in Benign Neglect mode and it is led by those whom share our skin.

That brings me back to community police relations. Two weeks ago when the Attorney General Loretta Lynch was in town to give the city a grant to hire more police officers, she, the Mayor and lap dog Mayor Pro Tem Erik Wilson, had the nerves to praise the Dallas police department in front of maybe a few hundreds at National Night Out, less than a mile from UNT Dallas, LITERALLY DOWN CAMP WISDOM RD AND MAKE A LEFT ON THE SERVICE ROAD where Jason Harrison was killed by officers race soldiers John Rodgers and Andrew Hutchins in front of his grandma for the crime of simply being black.

It takes a mountain of nerves or bullshit to close your eyes to his murder. It takes resolve to proclaim community relations under these circumstances. For the duration of her time here, I heard no one mention a word regarding law enforcement and mental health training. Both Jason Harrison and Bobby Bennet had bipolar schizophrenia.

The two race soldiers still roam Dallas neighborhoods for their next unsuspecting victim(s) and the Harrison family has yet to receive an apology or settlement.

But again, who cares?

Michelle Obama’s dress brand doesn’t matter; quit living vicariously through the Obamas!! Politics are local!!!

In Black Dallas, those who care only care to preserve the status quo. A very small percentage hold a different agenda. Beneath Everything is trying to get more of us who don’t have a sell out mentality, who don’t have a loyalty to status quo, who don’t care about shaking things up, who don’t lack self esteem and not in need of white validation…to care and more than care, participate. GET OUT AND VOTE, download the 311 app or better yet, be a business man or woman and control the government.



This is Accommodation 2.0. All is well on the Plantation.

Until next time…


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  1. A 2012 interview with Texas State Board of Education member about the whitewashing of textbooks:
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