Ft. Worth chief forgives “rude” cop

January 10, 2017 § Leave a comment



Left: Former Dallas Police Chief Brown  // Right: Ft. Worth Police Chief Fitzgerald

Ft. Worth Police Chief Fitzgerald agrees with the rest of the Ft. Worth Police Department that, yes, indeed, you better teach your kid not to litter…OR ELSE.

Officer Martin, the Race Soldier who was not exhibiting anything near the high standards of a police officer, received a 10 day suspension without pay and will undergo training (supposedly) for his rude behavior towards Ms. Craig and her family because he was a racist responding to an assault where the victim was black.


If Officer Martin feared for his life and decided to let a round off in Ms. Craig daughter instead of delivering a swift kick (like he did), I would roll the dice and bet on the same business as usual results and justification.

At a press conference after the incident, Chief Fitzgerald described the Race Soldier’s actions as “rude but not racist.”  He sounded like a white person racist denying something on film that he thinks is private but we all have access to. We can see the video too, Mr. Fitzgerald. I imagine he describes Eric Garner’s murder as “aggressively fatal but not murder.”

Ft. Worth is, after all, Ft. Worth. There is only ONE kind of black person allowed to be head of any government department in Ft. Worth. ONE.


Chief Fitzgerald was particularly apologetic and said Officer Martin was “contrite” and will undergo training. Is it fair to call Officer Martin a racist? I say YES. Martin was calm and cool and under no pressure just like Officer Slager was calm and cool when he shot Walter Scott in the back 20 yards away and planted evidence on his dead body. When a person tells you who they are, believe them!

Officer Martin will be ordered back to the same neighborhood to repair relations.



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